BMW Powered, 175hp Trike: GG Taurus

BMW Powered, 175hp Trike: GG Taurus

You may remember GG Motorradtechnik GmbH for their wild four-wheel GG Quad and GG Quadster. The former powered by an R1150 BMW Boxer engine and the latter by a BMW K1300 brick. They are both amazing to “drive” but even more amazing is the level of detail which goes into their fabrication. As a four-wheeler, however, it was difficult to get them on the road in many countries. Now GG is back with a trike, the GG Taurus, powered by the latest BMW 1300cc four-cylinder engine producing 175hp. It’s no less exciting but, as a three-wheeler, it will be easier to navigate government red tape.

We discuss this unique vehicle and the circumstances which drove its creation with innovator and designer, Walter Grueter, in the Summer 2010 BMW Motorcycle Magazine.


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