A Strong Season Finale for BMW in the IDM

A Strong Season Finale for BMW in the IDM

The Hockenheimring was the final stop for the International German Superbike Championship (IDM) and the last opportunity to win the title. The eighth event of the series arrived last weekend, September 18 and 19. Belgian rider Werner Daemen from Team Alpha Technik–Van Zon–BMW finished on the podium in the IDM Superbike class and claimed second place in the championship overall. His Dutch team-mate Barry Veneman finished his impressive debut IDM season in fifth place.

Daemen powers towards the podium.

Saturday’s practice and qualifying sessions were held in great weather conditions and both riders achieved grid positions on the second row, fifth position for Veneman and eighth for Daemen. “I changed my qualifying tires in the first training session,” explained Veneman. “But there wasn’t a big difference between my racing tires this week. Many of my rivals kept their qualifying tires for the training in the afternoon, because Hockenheim seems to be a circuit that, in increasing temperatures, your tires develop a better grip. As a newcomer to the IDM, I lacked this experience. For the second training session, we made some changes to the suspension strut, so that I had a bit more stability under hard acceleration.”

Daemen had small slip in the second qualifying session and had to watch his rivals better his fastest time. With the eighth starting position on the second row, the Belgian still had the chance to win the overall championship, however. “Sitting 31 points behind table leader Karl Muggeridge, the opportunity wasn’t big, but it was still there,” said Daemen. “I had to win and Karl had to have some kind of problem. And the fight for second place was also to be decided.”

Daemen narrowly missed victory in the first race and was only a few meters behind winner Stefan Nebel when the checkered flag came out. “I saw that Martin Bauer also appeared within the last few meters, and I had to watch him because of the overall ratings — Bauer had as much chance as I did of claiming second place in the championship. “I could have tried in the last lap to overtake Nebel in the fog, but it seemed too dangerous to me.”

The racing had actually begun with a shock for Daemen. In the first lap mayhem he was rammed by a rival, which resulted in a damaged exhaust and destroyed leathers. The racing was stopped, but the alpha Technik–Van Zon–BMW team got the BMW S1000RR ready for the restart, as good as new.

The second race in the afternoon also began with a collision for Daemen. However, he was able to work his way up to seventh place and secure his podium finish. “That was no easy race,” he said afterwards. “After the jostling, I had to work my way to the front. At the end of the race, I felt a couple of slight vibrations from the engine and I eased off on the gas a little, as I didn’t want anything to go wrong. By this time, I know that Karl Muggeridge had won the title, so I congratulated him.”

An early crash where things for Daeman (#3 bike) could have gone horribly wrong.

Veneman achieved fourth and fifth places in the final weekend of his first IDM season. “In the first race, we rode with clever tactics, naturally. Werner was important, because he still had title chances. I would have liked to have finished on the podium once again, but we made a small mistake on the first race with the set-up. On the bends, I had a little less grip than was necessary. But on the second race, we changed it and the grip was much better.”

Still, Veneman was not happy with his fifth position in the second race because he had to finish in fourth to win the brand championship. The fourth place was taken by Dario Giuseppetti. “Honestly, I feel sad,” he admitted. “I had planned it exactly, and I tried everything I could to get past Giuseppetti. But I just couldn’t do it. It’s a real shame.”

Belgian rider Daeman finished on the podium in the IDM Superbike class and claimed second place in the championship overall.

Nevertheless there was still cause for end-of-season celebrations within the team. “We have clearly improved since our first year in 2009,” said team owners Josef Hofmann and Josef Meier. Last year, we ranked third in the championship and brand rankings. In both categories, we have climbed one place higher this year.”


Superbike Race One
1. Stefan Nebel (GER), KTM
2. Werner Daemen (BEL), BMW
3. Jörg Teuchert (GER), Yamaha

Superbike Race Two
1. Martin Bauer, (AUT), KTM
2. Stefan Nebel (GER), KTM
3. Matej Smrz (CZE), Honda

Final IDM Superbike Championship Standings:
1, Karl Muggeridge (AUS), Honda, 244 Points
2, Werner Daemen (BEL), BMW, 225 Points
3, Martin Bauer (AT), KTM, 221 Points
4, Stefan Nebel (GER), KTM, 202 Points
5, Barry Veneman (NL), BMW, 199 Points

Final Manufacturer’s standings
1. KTM 442 Points
2. BMW 441 Points
3. Honda 398 Points
4. Yamaha 284 Points
5. Suzuki 221 Points

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