BMW Ranked 15th Best Global Brand

BMW Ranked 15th Best Global Brand

Interbrand, a corporate brand consultancy, has come out with their annual Best Global Brands report. For 2010, the BMW brand remained in the 15th position by gaining 3% in brand value in an automotive segment which saw a 4% decrease overall. “Like Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Audi, BMW ’s success this year has much to do with its ability to view the recession as an opportunity. So far, BMW seems up to the challenge, with plans to renew 60 percent of its products by 2012…” says Interbrand.

BMW was the top ranked motorcycle manufacturer and ranked just behind two other automobile manufacturers, Toyota (11th place) after losing 16% of brand value due to the recent recall which, Interbrand states, “seemed to contradict everything the brand stands for” and, German rival, Mercedes-Benz (12) which gained 6% because it “stuck to its core values (safety, luxury, excellence, pride in its products and innovation) and has seen its brand benefit as a result.”

Harley-Davidson nearly dropped off the ranking entirely. Dropping from 73 to 98 with a dramatic 24% loss in brand value. “Over the past three years, Harley-Davidson has seen a rapid decline in brand value as it becomes a less relevant purchase due to the recession. To deal with its losses, the brand has decided to restructure, exiting the sport bike market; it will discontinue its Buell product line and sell its MV Agusta unit, with the goal of focusing fully on the Harley-Davidson brand. However, unless it also invests into innovating, its product could become stale. This year, the brand also experienced some negative social media and press from an audience upset by the fact that the new, numbers-focused CEO does not ride a Harley.” Ouch!

The top of the list remained unchanged in ranking with Coca Cola first (+2%), IBM second (+7%) and Microsoft third (+7%). Other automotive brands ranked were Honda (20, +4%), Ford (50, +3%), VW (53, +6%), Audi (63, +9%), Hyundai (65, +9%), Porsche (72, +4%) and Ferrari (91, +1%).

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