BMW Recalls K1300, K1200 and F650GS Models

BMW Recalls K1300, K1200 and F650GS Models

BMW has issued a recall with the United States’ NHTSA for certain 2004-2010 K1300 and K1200 GT, R and S models. A second recall affects certain 2007-2010 F650GS models.

For the K1300 and K1200 models, bearings are subject to corrosion and could lead to reduced movement of the link lever and affect the handling of the motorcycle. The driver may loose control of the motorcycle resulting in a crash. (NHTSA Campaign ID: 10V488000)

The F650GS is being recalled because a washer may interfere with the front disc brake fasteners’ torque. Over time, the fastener and, therefore, the disc itself could become loose. A loose disc could affect braking performance and cause a crash. (NHTSA Campaign ID: 10V496000)

BMW has not yet provided the NHTSA with a remedy or notification schedule.

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