BMW to Sell Motorcycles in India

BMW to Sell Motorcycles in India

It’s been rumored for some time but now BMW officially announces it will start motorcycle sales in the Indian market with two official importers starting in December 2010. With “Deutsche Motoren” in Delhi in the north of India and “Navnit Motors” in Mumbai on the west coast and Bangalore in the southern part of the country, BMW Motorrad is relying on two experienced BMW Group partners. With these three sales outlets the German motorcycle manufacturer is represented in the strategically important regions.

Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad says, “The BMW Group has already established itself very successfully in India with a local BMW automobile production and a sales network for BMW Group automobiles. Now the market for premium motorcycles is beginning to develop, too. The sales activities now commencing with our two experienced BMW Group partners are of long-term significance to BMW Motorrad. We are confident our motorcycles will swiftly become established in timely preparation for the growing market.”

The motorcycles will be produced at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin and supplied to India as CBU (completely built up) units. BMW Motorrad will initially offer the current models of the R and K series as well as the S1000RR superbike and will represent premium vehicles in each of the relevant categories within the Indian market. BMW expects the R1200GS to do particularly well.


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