BMW M-Series Bicycle and More

BMW M-Series Bicycle and More

For those hoping to pick up a BMW “M” series two-wheeler, here’s your chance. For motorcycle fans it will be a disappointment, however, because the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer is a pedal-powered bicycle. BMW’s M series has stood for high performance in automobiles suitable for everyday use — a combination that has made them very desirable. And while BMW has come out with several “HP” series motorcycles which they have said are like the “M” series on the automobile side, they have not yet stamped a motorcycle with the “M” badge.

BMW, which has over 60 years of experience in bicycle manufacturing, will, however, present the first racing bike from the exclusive BMW M Series in June 2011. They say the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer unites the highest level of riding comfort with an exceptional design thanks to high-tech materials and components. Its BMW developed carbon frame is extremely light and stiff, absorbs shocks, and is absolutely corrosion-free. Its distinctive frame has an anthracite carbon look, while colored accents on the rims, handlebar grips, and fi’zi:k Tundra 2 saddle inlay are in BMW M red. The Shimano Ultegra gears, get the 7.4 kg racing bike moving quickly.

If a carbon race bike is more bike than you need, BMW has several other new-for-2011 bicycles to choose from. The new 2011 BMW Cruise Bike has a hydroformed aluminum frame with polished and smoothed welded seams. The brake and gear shift cables are consciously integrated into the bike in an inconspicuous manner. Whether in all white, white with blue accents, or combination of green and black, the BMW Cruise Bike, which has already won numerous design awards, is a real eye-catcher.

The new 2011 BMW Touring Bike is the ideal all-rounder for anyone  who wants both maximum comfort and a modern design. The bike uses high-quality components and comes in a “glossy chocolate” paint with gold accents. Its additional equipment is licensed for road use, making the Touring Bike perfect for daily rides around the city.

Other available models are shown in the pics below. The bicycles are available from select BMW dealers and online at

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