BMW Spain’s ‘Six Senses’ K1600 Intro

BMW Spain’s ‘Six Senses’ K1600 Intro

When you’re launching a new motorcycle it’s up to the marketing people to do their best to create as much buzz as possible. And every BMW Motorrad importer around the world has its own strategy and communication plan for the launch of the K1600GT and GTL. In Spain, the theme was the ‘Tour of the Six Senses’ with prospective customers from across the country chosen by Spanish dealers to participate in an unusual pre-launch activity.

The ‘Tour of the Six Senses’ involved placing K1600GT and GTL machines in six exclusive hotels where participants experienced the five senses — touch, taste, smell, sound and sight — with the final “sixth sense” being the X factor, the new 6 cylinder machine itself. The hotels were located in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Antequera, Benavente and Bilbao, and the series of events ran from January 18th to February 14th.

A selection of K1600GT and GTL machines were carefully prepared, packed and transported in secret to these hotels, where they were covered up, only to be unveiled at the end of the interesting and interactive presentations. At each event, a new set of ‘hot prospects’ gathered, all with the same aim, to see the new six-cylinder BMW in the metal and to decide whether it could be the machine of their dreams.

With the 1600cc bikes covered up, participants were asked to take a seat and watch the ‘Sight’ video, which introduced the new luxury tourer and explained in detail its innovative design and engineering characteristics. This was followed by the ‘Hearing’ video, where participants covered their eyes with a BMW scarf and were asked to focus their attention on listening to the sounds of a six-cylinder BMW motorcycle engine.

This section ended with some relaxing classical music before the ‘Smell’ sense was activated. Participants kept on their blindfolds and were asked to breathe in the essence of motorcycling, with scent sticks of thyme, lavender, mint and vanilla used to simulate only the best road smells experienced while riding. Again, a special video was played to describe more of the new six-cylinder machine’s personality.

Then it was time for participants to take off their blindfolds, open their eyes and experience the ‘Taste’ of something new, with three special Tapas recipes uniquely created for this event. Participants sampled a selection of extra virgin olive oil jelly, almond frosted fruit and 1000 flowers honey mini-cake, and cocoa financiers with chocolate and earl grey tea ganache, while watching more video footage of the machine which would be revealed at the end.

The fifth sense to be explored was ‘Touch’. Here, the participants were invited to touch the covered six-cylinder machine, to appreciate its lines, contours, size and shape. Then, finally, it was time for the execution of the sixth sense…

The covers were removed and participants were invited to get up close and try the GT and GTL for size, to try out its innovative features and to imagine the possibilities that ownership of such a motorcycle could bring. They were also given a special gift of a customized USB stick containing exclusive multimedia material on both machines.

After a four-week tour, BMW Motorrad Spain’s Juan Hernández said, “It was a big project for a big motorcycle, but even we underestimated the massive amount of excitement that would be generated,” he said. “Our entire dealer network became involved and more than 1,600 people came along to these presentations. Out of these, we have well over 1,000 new sales leads who have put in requests for more information, and the social networking sites have been buzzing with positive feedback. With the New Season Start, people’s thoughts turn to touring and exploring, so we are very excited about this latest addition to the BMW Motorrad line-up.”

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