BMW Motorrad Expands S1000RR Race Support

BMW Motorrad Expands S1000RR Race Support

With the success of the S1000RR in races around the world, BMW Motorrad is expanding its customer sports program. Headed by Berthold Hauser, former BMW Motorrad Motorsports Director, BMW has created a new BMW Motorrad HP Race Support team of specialists who will provide support to BMW customers with racing aspirations.

“The level of interest among customers in taking their BMW S1000RR onto the track has increased significantly,” explains Hauser. “The standard production bike has all the tools to achieve success in a large number of race series — and at a comparatively low cost. Our task is clearly defined: we offer RR customers with sporting aspirations a ‘world’ around their motorcycle tailored to the requirements of the regulations governing their particular race series. In concrete terms, our focus is on developing and offering packages adapted to these specific demands. The package spans everything from high-performance racing parts to customer-specific technical support and consultancy.”

During last season, BMW Motorrad customer teams brought a total of over 120 BMW S1000RR bikes onto the starting grid, and many of these went on to dominate their rivals. Indeed, no fewer than 13 BMW riders were able to secure the title crown in their respective series.

A significant element of the BMW Motorrad HP Race Program are the High Performance Race Parts. The HP Race Power Kit has been available from BMW Motorrad dealers since autumn 2010, while the HP Race Calibration Kit was introduced in March 2011. The HP Race Power Kit includes a titanium Akrapovič exhaust system and an engine control unit with racing data status. The package shaves 15 pounds (6.8 kg) off the weight of the standard RR and provides a mid-range performance boost. It also adjusts the ride modes (rain, sport, race and slick) for track use.

BMW's HP Race Power Kit for the S1000RR.

The HP Race Calibration Tool is a software tool for enthusiastic track riders. It allows each rider to adjust the parameters of the engine management and DTC (injection, firing, traction control, input of various tire parameters, gear change characteristics, pit lane speed limiter, erasing of adaptation values). Plus, professional tuning of the engine performance and traction enables the kit to enhance the bike’s handling characteristics. Both packages are intended solely for track use, and are not road legal.

“We are at the start of an interesting project,” adds Hauser. “We will take a very close interest in our customers, approach them directly to discuss their experiences and build up the BMW Motorrad HP Race Program step by step.”

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