S1000RR Camera Bike for 1 Series M Coupé Film

S1000RR Camera Bike for 1 Series M Coupé Film

BMW Group Canada recently produced two short films to show off the new BMW 1 Series M Coupé. The stunts were designed to be exciting and unique and hopefully create something that would be talked about. The first was a precision drift on the top of the 1,018ft US Bank Tower, in Los Angeles. The tiny rooftop and perilous height of the tower created some amazing images from the helicopter camera. The second film involved slotting the car through a series of holes cut through cement walls. In order to capture the action, a camera was mounted to the front of the BMW S1000RR.

The director knew the motorcycle would guarantee they could follow every twist, turn and drift of the coupe. The RR’s power and accuracy made it the perfect match, resulting in stunning close-up shots of the 1 Series M, even at the most awkward angles.

The set was built at California’s Inyokern Airport – a location which has been the scene of a number of famous television advertisements. In the 90-second feature, the car, with bike in hot pursuit, passes through eight walls with just inches to spare. Some could be taken head-on, while others required controlled oversteer to take the vehicle through sideways. The RR captures the whole sequence effortlessly, not missing a single precision movement, smoking tire or flash of barren desert landscape.

“We chose the RR because we needed to capture the 1 Series M Coupé in high-performance driving situations,” says Marc Belcourt, Brand Communications Manager for BMW Group Canada.  “We also needed a vehicle that could follow the 1 Series M through the concrete walls, which we knew would be a very demanding task. For us, the choice was obvious – it had to be the RR!

“We mounted HD cameras to the RR’s windscreen to capture the action at high speed and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The energy and adrenaline really come across in the video – it’s something you watch with bated breath, because you’re so close to the car and it feels like there’s no way it can make it through a gap so tight.

“The director Mike ‘Mouse’ McCoy, who is a Baja 500 motorcycle champion, was the man who had to ride the RR across the tarmac, chasing the 1 Series M. Over the course of the shoot, Mouse looked happiest when he was in the saddle of the double-R.  He was truly impressed and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s now going to buy his own BMW motorcycle.”

The BMW 1 Series M Coupé ‘Walls’ has had over two million views on YouTube:

More than one million people have watched BMW 1 Series M Coupé ‘Helipad’:

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