Spanish GS Days

Spanish GS Days

In sunny central Spain, a new event for BMW GS riders was held on an exclusive country estate, in Segurilla, near the town of Toledo. More than 85 GS owners from both Spain and Portugal traveled from the entire Iberian Peninsula to participate in this special event where they could enjoy their BMW bikes in the company of like-minded owners.

As part of the GS Days program was a special ‘GS Challenge’ competition, where the most experienced riders competed against each other in a series of different tests to see who would be crowned ‘GS King of Spain’. Also on offer for participants was a special GS Academy, which was organized for BMW riders to improve their off-road skills.

Warming up at the Spanish GS Days in Segurilla.

A total of 47 contestants participated in the GS Challenge and took on a variety of tests, under the careful eye of expert instructors. The ‘Trial Zone’ was designed to test participants’ technical ability against the clock, where riders had to complete a set route as fast as possible without putting a foot down on the ground. The ‘Tibetan Bridge’ saw teams having to build a bridge with logs, then ride over it on their GS bikes. In the ‘Chrono’ the objective was to overcome a very difficult off-road route in the shortest time possible. The ‘Mechanical Test’ was also completed by teams of riders, who had to remove and replace the front wheel of an F650GS, then carry it as fast as possible up a steep hill. The final test was a long ‘Special,’ against the clock.

47 contestants participated in the GS Challenge and took on a variety of tests, under the careful eye of expert instructors.

In the end, it was Angel Culla Leal who was victorious and collected the trophy as the winner of the 2011 GS Challenge. His prize was an all-expenses paid trip to China, where he will travel in order to experience 12 days of exciting riding on a BMW GS with the China Tierra Aventura company.

Angel Culla Leal was the winner of the 2011 GS Challenge.

The GS Academy gave lessons to more than 40 GS owners so that they could improve the quality and level of their riding. Among the experts was Dakar racer José María García, who showed participants just what a GS can do off-road when a talented rider is at the controls. At the Academy, pupils also learned the basics of preparing a bike for adventure travel; advanced tests in acceleration and braking; first aid for motorcyclists; and even enjoyed putting all the above theory into practice on an accompanied off-road ride.

Husqvarna Motorcycles was also represented at the event with its current range of dedicated off-road machinery and participants were actively encouraged to try a selection of these machines on a special off-road circuit created exclusively for the GS Days by Husqvarna experts.

All in all, a fantastic weekend was had in Segurilla, where the sun shone on all the participants and event staff of the GS Days 2011, who enjoyed a great atmosphere, with many new friends made and skills learned. Understandably, almost everyone expressed an interest in registering for next year’s event, so the planning for the GS Days 2012 is already underway.

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