BMW Applies for Dynamic Seat Suspension Patent

BMW Applies for Dynamic Seat Suspension Patent

BMW’s recent Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) showed how sensors could be used to monitor road conditions and automatically adjust a motorcycle’s suspension system to react accordingly. Now BMW has applied for a patent for a dynamically-controlled motorcycle seat suspension.

The patent application describes a spring and damper attached to a scissor lift inside a motorcycle seat. A sensor near the front wheel would monitor road conditions and adjust the seat to reduce the amount of motorcycle motion which is transferred to the rider. The result would be more comfortable ride at the usual expense of increased weight and complexity.

No doubt a system like this could also be used to adjust seat height on the fly — more leg room on the highways and a more tucked-in riding position on the twisties.

Expect to see this first on a big touring bike like the K1600GTL where buyers expect the latest technology and the weight is more easily masked. If this product ever makes it past the idea stage, that is.

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