BMW Motorrad Reports Best Ever Sales in 2011

BMW Motorrad Reports Best Ever Sales in 2011

With a total of 104,286 motorcycles in 2011, BMW Motorrad delivered more vehicles than ever before in its nearly 90-year history. That’s an increase of 6.4% over the 98,047 delivered in 2010. Growth was recorded in every month of 2011. In December, 4,232 Motorcycles were delivered worldwide, which reflects an increase of 12.4% over the same month in 2010. The total year’s result exceeds the previous high of 102,467 in 2007 by 1.8%. BMW Motorrad increased its market share by more than 12% in the over 500cc segment and has doubled it within the past four years.

Husqvarna, on the other hand, didn’t fare as well. The BMW division delivered just 9,286 motorcycles in 2011. A 23% decrease over the 12,066 delivered in 2010. December accounted for 1,330 deliveries (-26.1%; 1,800). It’s hoped the new models, including new streetbikes, will help Husqvarna rebound in 2012.

On the automobile side, the BMW Group concluded 2011 with its best sales result ever overall which each brand reaching new records. Worldwide sales of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce automobiles rose 14.2% last year to reach a total of 1,668,982 vehicles (prev. yr. 1,461,166). The company therefore strengthened its position as the leading provider of premium vehicles. In December, sales were 11.9% higher than in the same month last year with 158,125 vehicles (prev. yr. 141,358).

BMW brand sales rose 12.8% in 2011 to reach a total of 1,380,384 vehicles, the best sales level in its history (prev. yr. 1,224,280). In December, a total of 128,182 vehicles were delivered – an increase of 10.9% (prev. yr. 115,570). The MINI brand can also look back on its best year ever. Global sales climbed to a record 285,060 vehicles in 2011 (+21.7%; prev. yr. 234,175). It finished on a strong note in December with 29,467 vehicles sold (+16.2%; prev. yr. 25,359). With a total of 3,538 cars, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars achieved its highest sales ever in 2011 and an increase of 30.5% on the 2010 total of 2711 cars. The previous record of 3,347 cars was set in 1978.

The BMW Group made sales gains in all regions and virtually all markets in 2011. In Europe, the region with the Group’s highest sales, retail volumes increased 8.5% to reach a total of 857,792 units (prev. yr. 790,751). The company experienced rigorous growth in Asia, with 373,613 vehicles sold (+31.1%; prev. yr. 285,003). In America, a total of 379,332 vehicles were delivered to customers last year, an increase of 15.3% (prev. yr. 328,860). The U.S. was the company’s largest single market in 2011, with a total of 305,418 vehicles sold (+14.9% / prev. yr. 265,757). BMW was the number one premium brand in the U.S. last year, with 247,907 cars delivered to customers.

In Germany, the company finished the year on a strong note – the number of new BMW Group vehicles registered in December rose by 16% to 27,377 (prev. yr. 23,601). With a total of 297,483 new vehicles registered in 2011 – (+11.5% / prev. yr. 266,768) – the company spearheads the German premium auto segment. BMW brand registrations climbed to 257,132 units in 2011 (+9.3%/prev. yr. 235,299). A total of 23,507 new BMW vehicles were registered in December (+12.4%/prev. yr. 20,910). The MINI brand also reported an excellent month with an increase of 43.8% to 3,870 vehicles (prev. yr. 2,691). China’s dynamic sales growth continued right through to the end of 2011 – 232,586 BMW Group vehicles were sold last year in the company’s third largest market. This was an increase of 37.6% (prev. yr. 168,998).

BMW Group sales in/up to December 2011 at a glance

In December 2011 Comp to previous year Up to/incl. December 2011 Comp to previous year
BMW Group Automobiles 158,125 +11.9% 1,668,982 +14.2%
BMW 128,182 +10.9% 1,380,384 +12.8%
MINI 29,467 +16.2% 285,060 +21.7%
Rolls-Royce * * 3,538 +30.5%
BMW Motorcycles 4,232 +12.4% 104,286 +6.4%
Husqvarna Motorcycles 1,330 -26.1% 9,286 -23.0%

* Note: BMW releases Rolls-Royce sales figures on a quarterly basis.

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