HP Race Parts Videos Now on BMW Motorrad Website

HP Race Parts Videos Now on BMW Motorrad Website

Thanks to a series of videos straight from the factory race team’s workshops, fans can see exactly how BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s HP Race Parts work and what a difference they can make to the S1000RR experience and performance on track. Linked from the www.bmw-motorrad.com homepage or go directly from this link, the HP Race Parts “web special” is designed to help RR owners with track-day or race ambitions to learn more about these, racetrack use only, performance parts.

The videos show Michael Thewke, product manager for HP Race Parts, at the BMW Motorrad Motorsport race HQ in Rosenheim, Germany, explaining each component in detail and what a difference it will make in an RR owner’s quest for faster lap times. He explains, for example, how the HP Race Power Kit works in combination with the titanium Akrapovic® racing exhaust system, how the ‘dB eater’ allows the RR to comply with the stringent noise limitations imposed by some circuit operators and how the Electronic Control Unit’s data set covers the RR’s entire performance in four separate riding modes (Rain, Sport, Race, Slick).

In the HP Race Calibration Tool video, he explains how racing enthusiasts can individually set a range of engine parameters, such as injection, ignition, traction control, shift response, in order to work towards a perfect race setting. Of interest to aspiring racers is the video explaining the HP Race data logger which captures and saves data such as road speed, engine speed, throttle grip position, braking balance, gear selection, acceleration, cornering angles, engine temperature, GPS position and GPS speed, ABS control range and DTC control. Essentially, it’s a tool to analyse your riding style and work out how and where to improve your lines, braking points and more. The data can be saved to a USB stick and viewed on your laptop — with your racing lines overlaid on Google Maps.

In the HP Race inverse gearshift video, Michael explains how its used for faster, safer shifting especially while banked over during left-hand bends. In combination with the HP footrest system video, racers can see the benefits of being able to make precise adjustments of the footrests in order to match their size and position on the RR. Although some riders will likely fit these components just because the impact-resistant milled aluminum looks great.

The final video in the series features the HP Race Cover Kit which includes all the necessary covers to remove the mirrors, front and rear indicators and license plate holder. Watching this series of short videos, RR owners can understand how simple it is to take their RR to the next level.

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