BMW Gives 20 R900RT Motorcycles to Berlin Police.

BMW Gives 20 R900RT Motorcycles to Berlin Police.

Today, BMW Motorrad gave 20 brand new BMW R900RT “Authority” motorcycles to the Berlin Police. This model is not available to civilians but has been specially designed for authority use. It has an output of 83hp and includes several custom installations requested by the Berlin Police including special digital radio technology. The titanium silver metallic-colored vehicles are marked with blue and high reflective tape to allow them to be perceived as early as possible on the road.

The collaboration between the Berlin Police and BMW Motorrad has a long tradition with, most recently, 15 bikes going to the Berlin Police in 2004. Police and other authorities worldwide rely on the products by BMW with, on average, BMW supplying 3,500 vehicles each year to authorities in more than 150 countries. BMW is the only manufacturer that developes these authority vehicles explicitly. “The BMW plant here in Berlin builds police motorcycles as genuine ‘police jobs’ aligned to the special needs of deployed police officers,” said plant manager Hermann Bohrer.

Accepting the symbolic key in front of the Brandenburg Gate from Hermann Bohre was Vice President Margarete Koppers of the Berlin police motorcycle squadron and Internal Senator Frank Henkel.

From left: BMW Plant Manager Hermann Bohrer; Berlin police motorcycle squadron Vice President Margarete Koppers and Internal Senator Frank Henkel.

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