Maxi-Scooter Film Wins CLIO Award

Maxi-Scooter Film Wins CLIO Award

A new film showing BMW Motorrad’s range of Maxi-Scooters has won a coveted CLIO Award. The film, entitled ‘Modern Movement’ won the bronze award in the ‘original score’ category and its creators will be honored at the 53rd Annual CLIO Awards ceremony in New York City on May 15. The CLIO Awards is one of the world’s most recognized awards competitions honoring excellence in advertising, design and communications.

The Modern Movement film, commissioned by BMW Motorrad’s international agency Serviceplan and directed by Christian Aeby, features a lone Maxi-Scooter rider enjoying a C600 Sport in a wide open environment, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It’s only when he turns off the ignition key and the city flashes back into life – and into his conscious thoughts – that he realizes the Maxi-Scooter experience has literally transported him away from the gridlock and noise, and provided a welcome relief from the other modes of transport available to him.

With strong imagery and accompanied by an original score by leading German production house Bluwi, the film hints strongly at the possibilities offered by Maxi-Scooter ownership, according to Serviceplan Creative Director Oliver Palmer. The 45-second film will be shown in some of the Maxi-Scooter key markets in the near future but you can see the video on the CLIO awards website.


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