Spanish GS Trophy Team Chosen

Spanish GS Trophy Team Chosen

The central Spanish town of Segurilla in Toledo came alive to the sound of hundreds of BMW GS engines over the weekend of June 2-3, for the GS Days 2012 event. Participants from all over Spain and Portugal enjoyed a weekend of off-road fun, interspersed with expert training and a serious competition to select the three Spanish riders who would represent their nation at the upcoming BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy in South America later this year.

Held in an exclusive estate, the GS Days 2012 attracted participants from Valencia, Alicante, Córdoba, Basque Country, Galicia, Madrid and beyond to take part, while BMW Motorrad Portugal brought riders from across the border to share in the fun and take part in the competition. A total of 58 riders registered to take on the GS Challenge competition. These experienced riders were subjected to various tests of skill and teamwork, all undertaken in an atmosphere of camaraderie and support, despite the high prizes at stake.

Among the challenges were technical Trials tests, with points for the quickest completion of a challenging course against the clock, but without putting your feet on the ground. The Tibetan Bridge Rescue challenge saw teams of riders having to build a bridge with logs, then ride their bikes over it to go and rescue a wounded comrade. A mechanical test made sure that participants not only had a good knowledge of their equipment but also the necessary resourcefulness to overcome the kind of hurdles that a GS rider can face out in the wilderness.

In addition, a mammoth navigation test of more than 60 miles tested the participants’ roadbook skills – both on- and off-road. Staying dry was definitely not an option as canoe stages saw the contestants paddling in search of clues, in full motorcycling gear complete with helmets!

Finally, participants had to brave two long timed sections, where water, mud and deep trenches not only tested the riders skill, strength and machine control, but also provide the audience with plenty of entertainment and photo opportunities as they watched some of the best GS riders in the country battling against each other and the course itself.

After a hard-fought but extremely enjoyable challenge, the winners were announced. In the 1200cc category, Jordi Iborra Chambers was victorious. Jorge Soriano Lama won the 800cc class, while Jorge Vera Simavilla was the best rider in the 650cc class. All three riders will now represent Spain in the 2012 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy, to be held in November and December in South America.

For those not taking part in the tough weekend competition, the GS School catered to those who wanted the chance to improve their riding skills or even take their first steps off-road. In total, 33 GS novices took the sensible decision to enroll in lessons to improve the quality and level of their own skills. They were able to benefit from the expertise of Jose Maria Garcia, an experienced participant in the legendary Dakar Rally, and no better instructor to explain just what a GS can do off-road.

Below are a couple of videos produced by BMW Motorrad Spain:


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