BMW Motorrad Sales Continue Rebound in September 2012

BMW Motorrad Sales Continue Rebound in September 2012

After faltering in the the middle of the year due to the difficult economic market environment — especially in Europe — BMW Motorrad has repeated its accomplishment of the month of August by achieving a new all-time retail sales high in September 2012. With 9,215 units, BMW sold 7.0% more motorcycles in September 2012 than the 8,612 sold in the same month last year. This does keep them in the red for the year, however. sales of motorcycles and maxi scooters from January up to and including September add up to a total of 85,944 which is 1.1% less than the 86,892 units sold last year. BMW believes the rebound will continue and they will sell a record number of motorcycles this year.

The out going R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure (seen here) have nearly sold out worldwide. The new, water-cooled R1200GS was introduced this month at the Intermot show.

Heiner Faust, BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing, says, “The second all-time monthly retail high in succession is a major achievement. We are still well on the way to setting a new sales record this year. Our world market share is currently at just over 11%. This means that one in ten motorcycles with a capacity of over 500cc comes from BMW Motorrad. In Germany it is one in four motorcycles. In its last year of production, our travel enduro R1200GS still accounts for a very large part of this. It is virtually sold out in all markets. By the end of the year we will be able to sell at least 26,000 units of the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure. We presented the successor model to the world’s top-selling enduro bike just a few days ago at the motorcycle trade show Intermot in Cologne. The visitors’ response was overwhelming, significantly exceeding our expectations. This gives us a positive sense that the new GS generation will perpetuate the model’s success on the market. Trade fair visitors were equally interested in the BMW HP4, currently the most innovative supersports motorcycle with the first ever semiactive suspension, which we will be supplying to our customers before the end of this year.”

Husqvarna Motorcycles, the BMW Group’s second motorcycle brand which reports the number of vehicles supplied to dealers instead of sales to customers, could not sustain the increases they reported earlier in the year. In the month of September,  7.1% fewer motorcycles were sent to dealerships — 1,255 vehicles versus 1,351 units in September 2012. Overall, they have supplied 21% more vehicles (7,355 versus 6,079 units) from January up to and including September.

Intermot in Cologne saw the world premieres of the new single-cylinder models TR650 Terra and TR650 Strada as well as the NUDA 900 models with ABS brake system. With these four new models, Husqvarna is extending its range of sporty, road-oriented motorcycles this fall.

The BMW Group meanwhile experienced automobile sales growth in many regions around the world. With 177,716 (prev. yr. 159,223) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles delivered worldwide, sales were 11.6% higher than in the same month last year. It was also the best first nine months for the company, with sales up 8.3% compared to the same period last year. A total of 1,335,502 BMW Group vehicles were delivered during this time (prev. yr. 1,232,619).

BMW brand worldwide sales climbed by 14.3% to 146,843 vehicles in the month under review (prev. yr. 128,450). MINI posted its best ever September sales with 30,562 vehicles delivered (prev. yr. 30,392/ +0.6%). The brand has also had its most successful first nine months ever — in the period up to and including September, MINI sold 223,214 vehicles, an increase of 7.2% in worldwide sales compared to the same period last year (208,223). Demand for Rolls-Royce motor cars remained steady with a small decrease of 4.7% year-to-date compared to 2011.

The BMW Group reported solid gains in many markets last month and increased retail volumes in its three largest markets, China, the US and Germany. In Europe, BMW Group sales grew last month by 4.8% to 92,442 vehicles (prev. yr. 88,243). In the first nine months, BMW Group sales were slightly above last year’s level, with a total of 639,798 vehicles delivered (prev. yr. 635,013/ +0.8%). In Germany, BMW and MINI were the only premium brands to make gains in September. A total of 26,021 new BMW and MINI vehicles were registered in September (prev. yr. 23,799/ +9.3%). The BMW brand accounted for 22,009 registrations (prev. yr. 20,042/ +9.8%) and MINI for 4,012 registrations (prev. yr. 3,757/ +6.8%). Year-to-date, 211,870 BMW and MINI vehicles have been registered in Germany (prev. yr. 220,054/ -3.7%). BMW Group sales in Russia climbed 48.5% in the month under review to 3,985 vehicles (prev. yr. 2,683). Year-to-date, 28,084 vehicles have been delivered in Russia, an increase of 32.9% over the previous year (21,133).

In Asia, sales surged by 40.0% in September to 45,781 vehicles (prev. yr. 32,708). The BMW Group made strong gains in Asia in the first nine months of the year, with sales climbing 27.2% to 357,841 vehicles (prev. yr. 281,223). The company achieved exceptionally high growth in Mainland China, which accounted for 29,631 deliveries in September, an increase of 59.4% over the same month in the previous year (18,588). Year-to-date, 237,056 BMW and MINI vehicles have been sold in Mainland China (prev. yr. 177,522) which reflects an increase of 33.5%. The BMW Group posted solid gains in other Asian markets in the first nine months of the year, including Japan (41,973/ +21.5%) and South Korea (24,541/ +18.5%)

In the Americas, the BMW Group delivered 34,050 vehicles in September (prev. yr. 32,772/ +3.9%). Since the beginning of the year, 290,888 vehicles were delivered to customers in the Americas, which reflected an increase of +6.3% on the previous year (273,564). The BMW Group in the U.S. reported September sales of 26,660 vehicles (prev. yr. 25,749/ +3.5%). Year-to-date, the BMW Group is up 7.1% on sales of 234,928 vehicles in the first nine months of 2012 compared to 219,314 in the same period in 2011.


BMW Group sales in/up to September 2012 at a glance

In August 2012 Comp. to previous year Up to/incl. August 2012 Comp. to previous year
BMW Group Automobiles 177,716 +11.6% 1,335,502 +8.3%
BMW 146,843 +14.3% 1,109,962 +8.6%
MINI 30,562 +0.6% 223,214 +7.2%
Rolls-Royce * * 2,326 -4.7%
BMW Motorrad 9,215 +7.0% 85,944 -1.1%
Husqvarna Motorcycles 1,255 +7.1% 7,355 +21.0

* Note: BMW releases Rolls-Royce sales figures on a quarterly basis.

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