GS Trophy 2012: Social Media Determines Team USA

GS Trophy 2012: Social Media Determines Team USA

The United States held twin GS Trophy 2012 qualifying events in Moab, Utah and Spartanburg, South Carolina, drawing participants from every corner of the country with the promise of hard riding, fun competition and unforgettable camaraderie. For the six finalists who emerged on top after the riding events, it would be their skill in building 21st century camaraderie – via social media – that would ultimately determine the three members of Team USA.

Following the riding event, the six finalists had two weeks to earn votes from social media fans. They reached out to friends, family, motorcycling networks, clubs and dealerships. They spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – one finalist even tapped his son’s boarding school mailing list.

Voting took place through an app on BMW Motorrad USA’s Facebook page, which drew 11,442 views over the course of 18 days. Thanks to the efforts of the finalists, a lot of new riders were exposed to the GS Trophy concept and to the latest news from BMW Motorrad.

In the end, Chad Yoshitomi from Anchorage, Alaska pulled in the most votes; followed by Carlo Boffi, Jr. from New York; and Ryan Frazier from Peoria, Arizona. Congratulations to Team USA – and good luck in Central America!

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