Classic Boxer Sprint at BMW Motorrad Days 2013

Classic Boxer Sprint at BMW Motorrad Days 2013

With the phenomenal amount of interest following the unveiling of the BMW Concept Ninety homage motorcycle at the Concorso D’ Eleganza Villa D’ Este in Italy, the timing is perfect to reveal details of the first ever Classic Boxer Sprint that will be taking place at BMW Motorrad Days in July.

Organized with our partners at top German motorcycle magazine MO and the team behind the best cafe racer festival in Europe – the legendary Glemseck 101 event – the first ever BMW Motorrad Days Classic Boxer Sprint will take place at 3:00 pm on Saturday, July 6 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It will be accompanied by a display of ‘custom garages’ featuring some of the wildest boxer creations in existence.



This fabulous event poster was created by BMW Motorrad Designer Ola Stenegärd.

For the sprint, starting places are being offered to just 32 riders of classic BMW bikes, who will have the chance to compete against one another on a 1/8 mile (200 m) straight track. As Maik Schwarz from MO explains:

“We’re really excited to be involved with the first ever Classic Boxer Sprint, which will get underway on the Saturday afternoon at Garmisch, with man versus man (or woman!) – just like the legendary Glemseck 101 sprint,” he says. “There is of course one special rule in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and that is ‘flat-twins only’! By this, we mean that only BMW motorcycles with boxer engines will be considered. There are no limits on the year of construction or the number of valves; however, bikes with classic looks are what we are hoping to attract – genuine classics, cafe racered.f eed/" /> -hdng tc5/Classic-Boxer-Sprint-2.jpg" rel="li_xhMO and the team behind the and the team behind t,p13 MO and the teasieiairstteam behindune-15711" alt="Clar3 behind the and the team behind teuS ream behindune-15711" alt="Clar3 behind the and the.jpgehindune-15711" alt="Clasieiay of alt="Clar3unam behind t,p13

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