Classic Boxer Sprint at BMW Motorrad Days 2013

Classic Boxer Sprint at BMW Motorrad Days 2013

With the phenomenal amount of interest following the unveiling of the BMW Concept Ninety homage motorcycle at the Concorso D’ Eleganza Villa D’ Este in Italy, the timing is perfect to reveal details of the first ever Classic Boxer Sprint that will be taking place at BMW Motorrad Days in July.

Organized with our partners at top German motorcycle magazine MO and the team behind the best cafe racer festival in Europe – the legendary Glemseck 101 event – the first ever BMW Motorrad Days Classic Boxer Sprint will take place at 3:00 pm on Saturday, July 6 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It will be accompanied by a display of ‘custom garages’ featuring some of the wildest boxer creations in existence.


This fabulous event poster was created by BMW Motorrad Designer Ola Stenegärd.

For the sprint, starting places are being offered to just 32 riders of classic BMW bikes, who will have the chance to compete against one another on a 1/8 mile (200 m) straight track. As Maik Schwarz from MO explains:

“We’re really excited to be involved with the first ever Classic Boxer Sprint, which will get underway on the Saturday afternoon at Garmisch, with man versus man (or woman!) – just like the legendary Glemseck 101 sprint,” he says. “There is of course one special rule in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and that is ‘flat-twins only’! By this, we mean that only BMW motorcycles with boxer engines will be considered. There are no limits on the year of construction or the number of valves; however, bikes with classic looks are what we are hoping to attract – genuine classics, cafe racers, scramblers and bobbers.”

Furthermore, the winner of this event will automatically qualify for participation at Glemseck 101 later this year. This amazing event takes place on a closed road near Stuttgart. In fact, it’s actually on part of the legendary Solitude track that used to see attendances of up to 460,000 for the motorcycle and car Grands Prix that took place there from the early 1900s up until the mid 1960s. This annual cafe racer sprint event attracts bikers and independent custom builders from all over the world, all keen to see riders of unique motorcycles compete in drag races, head-to-head, on the same stretch of asphalt that some of the Grand Prix greats used to race on, all those years ago.

Because a maximum of 32 starters will be selected, those who are interested in being considered should find out more details at and then send their application with a picture of their bike to


Classic-Boxer-Sprint-1That’s not all though, because as well as being able to get up close to the Concept Ninety cafe racer that pays homage to the iconic R90S of 40 years ago, a whole selection of custom garages from some of the finest independent bike builders in the business will be on display at BMW Motorrad Days.

These will include motorcycle builders who have been featured in BMW Motorcycle Magazine including Blitz Motorcycles, Urban Motors, Krautmotors, and Krugger Motorcycles, all of whom will be displaying some of their unique boxer-powered creations. And in addition to organizing the BMW Motorrad Days ride-out from the well-known biker meeting point of Glemseck, near Stuttgart, on July 5, the Ace Cafe London will have a special display and presentation at the event site in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

According to Hans-Peter Rütten, official Ace Cafe London Ltd licensee for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, there will be some awe-inspiring customized BMW bikes on their stand for visitors to see, as well as the spectacle of seeing all the bikes from the BMD ride-out actually arrive in the event arena on Friday, July 5 at around 3pm.

“It is great to team up with BMW Motorrad for its 90th anniversary, especially as the Ace is celebrating its 75th birthday in 2013, so we’re going to make a stage presentation to introduce the event visitors to what this famous north London petrol haunt is all about,” he said. “With a quick flight through the ages and current managing director Mark Wilsmore attending in person, we’ll present an overview on Ace Cafe history from 1938 on, the story of the Ace Cafe Reunion and the revitalization with the Grand Opening in 2001 – as well as today’s significance of the place to ‘petrol-heads’ and riders all around the world.

“With other cool brands present in the custom area, such as Krautmotors, Urban Motor and Blitz Motorcycles from Paris, and with the original late 1920s wooden Motodrom (wall of death) featuring live Rock ‘n’ Roll inside on both evenings, visitors can expect an authentic and highly emotional cafe racer atmosphere.”

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