Jeremy Irons Takes BMW Motorrad Rider Training in Hungary

Jeremy Irons Takes BMW Motorrad Rider Training in Hungary

Academy award winner Jeremy Irons has completed a BMW Motorrad Rider Training course in Hungary. The actor, who has been making the TV series ‘The Borgias’ for several years in a studio near Budapest, was invited to the course by BMW Motorrad Hungary. Irons believes it is vital for motorcyclists to start off with the right training and experience, and would make the BMW course he attended mandatory for getting a motorcycle licence.

Jeremy Irons enjoying his BMW Motorrad Rider Training in Hungary.

Jeremy-Irons-Training-06“I have been riding BMW bikes for 20 years, but there are some basic techniques I have only learned now. Luckily, I have never had a major accident, but I would have been a much safer rider if I had taken a course like this at the time,” said Irons, who is well-known as an aficionado of motorcycle touring and also rides a BMW at home. During the shooting of The Borgias, Irons is using a BMW R1200GS supplied by BMW Motorrad Hungary.

According to Balázs Zámbó, motorcycle manager of BMW Motorrad Hungary, even though Jeremy Irons is a highly experienced and careful motorcyclist, he was still able to benefit a lot from the course. “We hope that many people will follow Jeremy Irons’ example and take one of our courses, no matter what bike they are riding and how long they have been riding for,” said Zámbó.

Beyond innovative vehicle technology and rider equipment, the third facet of BMW Motorrad’s “Safety 360°” principle is concerned with initial and further training of motorcyclists – after all, riders with a higher skill level ride more safely. BMW Motorrad therefore offers rider training courses in the areas of off-road, safety and racetrack under the guidance of certified instructors.

The programs allow both for skill level – from beginners through to highly experienced riders – and all types of motorcycling, whether off-road enduro riding, motorcycling on public roads or performance-oriented riding on the racetrack. These courses are supplemented by the national programs provided by BMW Motorrad partners in a wide range of countries.

Here’s a video of Jeremy taking and discussing rider training:

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