New 2017 BMW R1200GS, R1200GS Exclusive and R1200GS Rallye—Sportiest GS of All Time

New 2017 BMW R1200GS, R1200GS Exclusive and R1200GS Rallye—Sportiest GS of All Time

For more than 35 years, the “BMW GS” has stood for the combination of touring and long distance suitability, along with great performance and off-road capability (and has become BMW’s top selling motorcycle model). The new 2017 edition adds a few features and updates its styling, which includes the addition of two special styling packages: Rallye and Exclusive.


All R1200GS models show updated details to the front mudguard and at the center of the front wheel cover, while small slipstream deflectors known as winglets add to the aerodynamics. The cooling air ducts and radiator trim elements are now galvanized or are made of stainless steel (Rallye and Exclusive). The standard color options are white or black, each with gray elements.

bmw-r1200gs-2017-174The new R1200GS Exclusive, meanwhile, comes with Monolith metallic matt fuel tank side panels with a large GS logo. The front wheel splash guard and central fuel tank cover are Iced Chocolate metallic and the frame is finished in Agate Grey metallic matt. The black drivetrain and the gold-finished brake calipers lend a refined contrast here.

The new R1200GS Rallye is the most unique model and designed as a more serious off-road package. The paintwork in Lupine Blue metallic with the same large GS logo on the fuel tank sides but in BMW Motorsport colors. The frame in Cordoba Blue and the drivetrain is black. This is the sportiest series production GS of all time, however, due to the standard and optional extras available. This new version comes with a bench seat, shorter windscreen, radiator and frame guards, wide enduro footrests and cross-spoke wheels (allowing tubeless tires). Studded tires are available as an option.

Also available as an option on the Rallye is a new professional sports suspension. Increased spring rate creates a “harder” suspension while longer spring struts and therefore longer spring travel lead to additional traction and maneuverability for off-road use. BMW says this is especially noticeable over gravel passages. This harder suspension also means a reduction in comfort and an increased seat height (ground clearance in increased by about .8 inches/20mm).


bmw-r1200gs-2017-169The sports suspension is only available with a new “Next Generation” Dynamic ESA. This optional extra, available on the other models as well, provides automatic damping as before but now self levels when setting off. The spring preload is automatically set across the range versus the previous Dynamic ESA which allowed just three settings to be selected manually. In addition to “Auto,” there also a “Min” setting which reduces preload to a minimum reducing seat height. Meanwhile a “Max” setting raises the preload as far as possible providing a high riding position, which is useful off-road when maximum ground clearance is required.

Power for all models comes from the same air/liquid-cooled boxer making 125hp at 7,750 rpm and 92.2 ft-lb at 6,500 rpm, but an updated catalytic converter and new cockpit data for the engine management system has been added to meet the latest European “Euro 4” emission requirements.

As an option from the factory, the new R1200GS can be fitted with “Riding Modes Pro” (which add Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, Enduro and Enduro Pro riding modes) and also includes Dynamic Traction Control DTC, Hill Start Control (which holds the brake while setting off on a hill), ABS Pro (which adds ABS protection while leaned into curves) and Dynamic Brake Light (which draws attention while braking but is only available in EU and ECE regions).


More information will be in our next issue of BMW Motorcycle Magazine. BMW’s press release is below and you can view the entire 2017 BMW R1200GS photo gallery from this link.


The new BMW R1200GS – even more supreme on all terrain types.

“BMW GS” has stood for universal motorcycling pleasure for more than 35 years: “GS” embodies the ideal combination of touring and long distance suitability, dynamic performance and off-road capability. This applies especially to the BMW GS motorcycles with a flat-twin boxer engine. They are the perfect companions in extreme conditions when it comes to exploring the most remote corners of the earth.

bmw-r1200gs-2017-025The unique overall concept of the R1200GS with its down-to-earth character and powerful high-torque engine thrills a large number of motorcycle fans all over the world. It is not for nothing that this motorcycle has dominated its market segment for many years and is the top-seller within the BMW Motorrad model range. With the new R1200GS, BMW Motorrad expands the GS portfolio not only in the form of additional product optimisations but also by means of further potential broadening of the motorcycle’s properties. For the first time, customers can give a BMW GS a more marked touch of enduro or distinguished style to suit its preferred area of use by ordering the style packages Rallye and Exclusive.

The most popular travel enduro bike in the world, the R1200GS has now been optimised in a wide range of areas. Designed for even greater versatility than before, it taps into a previously unknown breadth of properties, ranging from dynamic performance to comfort and off-road suitability. This is due to selective improvements, numerous new features and not least a much-expanded program of optional equipment and optional accessories.

Boxer engine with new catalytic converter and adapted data status in line with EU4 requirements.

bmw-r1200gs-2017-052Powered as before by the air/liquid-cooled boxer with an output of 92 kW (125 hp) at 7,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 125 Nm at 6,500 rpm, the new R1200GS now has an altered catalytic converter and a new data status for the engine management to meet the latest EU4 requirements. Model year 2017 already saw the addition of a judder damper on the transmission output shaft and a revision of the selector drum actuator and transmission shafts.

Riding Modes Pro as an optional feature with dynamic traction control DTC and new Hill Start Control.

bmw-r1200gs-2017-045For individual adaptation to rider preferences, the new R1200GS offers the two riding modes “Rain” and “Road” as standard in conjunction with Automatic Stability Control ASC for optimum traction. As an optional equipment item ex works, the new R1200GS can be fitted with “Riding Modes Pro” featuring the additional riding modes “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro,” “Enduro” and “Enduro Pro” as well Dynamic Traction Control DTC, which enables even more efficient and safe acceleration especially in banking position.

The riding modes “Dynamic Pro” and “Enduro Pro,” activated by means of a coded plug, also offer customisation options which allow the character of the motorcycle to be adapted. Other elements of “Riding Modes Pro” are the new set-off assistant Hill Start Control for convenient hill starts, ABS Pro for even greater safety when braking, even in banking position, and the dynamic brake light which is even more effective in drawing attention to the fact that the motorcycle is braking.

Electronic suspension Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” with fully automatic self-levelling suspension function.

A whole new dimension of riding safety, performance and comfort is harnessed with the optional BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” (Electronic Suspension Adjustment): here, the damping automatically adapts to the situation depending on riding condition and maneuvers, and there is also an automatic self-leveling function to compensate all load states.

Tight sports suspension for off-road enthusiasts as an ex works option for the R1200GS Rallye.

The Rallye package available ex works allows the new R1200GS to be optimized for more ambitious off-road use. Off-road performance is significantly increased due to an increased spring rate (“harder suspension”), longer spring struts and extended spring travel.

New paint finishes and styling in three attractive variants.

bmw-r1200gs-2017-106While the underlying design architecture of the R1200GS has been preserved in the new version, optimized ergonomics in the knee area ensure further improved off-road qualities, while more pointed contrasts, new paint finishes and the two optional equipment packages Rallye and Exclusive emphasise the distinctive talents of the R1200GS in its differing forms. Details have been optimized on the front mudguard and at the center of the front wheel cover, while small slipstream deflectors known as winglets add a touch of aerodynamic perfection. The trim of the air intake and the side fuel tank trim panels have been newly designed, too. New styling has now also been applied to the cooling air ducts and radiator trim elements, which either feature a galvanized surface or are made of stainless steel (Rallye and Exclusive).

bmw-r1200gs-2017-105The off-road character of the new R1200GS is particularly emphasized in the Rallye version. The paintwork in Lupine Blue metallic, the over-painted deco elements on the fuel tank sides in BMW Motorsport colors and the frame in Cordoba Blue go together with the black drivetrain to create the sportiest series production GS of all time.

The sheer presence of the R1200GS Exclusive is underscored by means of fuel tank side trim panels in Monolith metallic matt with clear over-painted deco elements, a front wheel splash guard and central fuel tank cover in Iced Chocolate metallic and a frame finished in Agate Grey metallic matt. The black drivetrain and the gold-finished brake calipers lend a refined contrast here.

An overview of the highlights of the new BMW R1200GS:

  • Boxer engine with new catalytic converter and adapted data status to meet EU4 requirements and an unchanged output of 92 kW (125 hp) at 7,750 rpm.
  • New appearance with visually enhanced robustness.
  • More marked styling and attractive color variants.
  • Even more ergonomics options with numerous seat heights and seat variants.
  • Significantly wider spread of model variations in relation to the basic version, from the refined R1200GS Exclusive through to the R1200GS Rallye for riders with off-road aspirations.
  • R1200GS Rallye – new version with additional product substance: Rallye seat, sports windshield, radiator and frame guard, wide enduro footrests and cross-spoke wheels as well as a professional sports suspension and optional studded tires.
  • Innovative functions provided by the latest generation of Dynamic ESA: automatic damping mode and automatic self-leveling suspension for a new riding experience.
  • Riding Modes Pro with DTC, Hill Start Control and the new customizable modes Modi Dynamic Pro and Enduro Pro as optional equipment items ex works.
  • New optional accessories such as cylinder protection bracket, topcase for two helmets and off-road protection parts as well as radiator guard and frame guard.


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