Limited Edition, BMW 40th Anniversary Rider Gear Coming to Europe/Japan

Limited Edition, BMW 40th Anniversary Rider Gear Coming to Europe/Japan

The market launch of the K100 in 1978 also made BMW Motorrad a pioneer in an entirely new segment: it became the first serial-production manufacturer in the world to present its own range of rider equipment. Even this very first collection set the benchmark in terms of design and included safety features that already met the very highest standards of the time, laying the foundations for an ongoing success story. With every collection since, BMW Motorrad has not just reflected the latest developments of the era in its rider equipment but has actually been a trend-setter. The BMW Motorrad “40 Years Collection” now brings back the look of the 1970s in true style. The collection will be available starting in August 2018 in Europe and Japan.

The figure “78” runs through the “40 years Collection” as an orange-red thread – adorning the high-end jet helmet and the leather jacket as it does the collection’s short gloves. The materials used and the finishing techniques are anything but retro, of course: they are absolutely state-of-the-art.

BMW Motorrad System I helmet (1981).

Historical background: Since there were no standards for testing and certification for many years, BMW Motorrad took the necessary action itself and defined the Concept of Advanced Rider Equipment – C.A.R.E. – for its product range in 1999. Since then every individual product has been subject to rigorous requirements and is tested according to five criteria: safety and functionality, innovation, quality and durability, sustainability and design. The BMW Motorrad standards go beyond statutory requirements for CE certifications and EU standards.

Retro but state-of-the-art: the “40 Years” jet helmet.

It all started with helmets. BMW Motorrad laid the foundations for its legendary rider equipment range in 1978 with the “Original BMW Protection Helmet” in BMW Safety Design with illuminated stripes – one of the safest motorcycle helmets of its time. So a very special helmet is an absolute must for the anniversary collection: the “40 Years” jet helmet combines retro chic with enhanced comfort and contemporary safety features. The helmet shell is made of fiber-glass and carbon fiber, while the padding consists of premium-quality microfiber featuring red highlights. The surround and the holder for the optionally available motorcycle goggles are made of genuine calfskin leather.

“40 Years” jet helmet.
BMW Motorrad System I helmet (1981).

The serial version of this helmet will not go on the market until 2019, but it is available now as part of the “40 Years Collection” bearing dynamic stripes in blue and red, the “since 78” inscription, embossed BMW logo and a “BMW Helmets” emblem – though only in a strictly limited edition of 250.

Historical background: In 1980, BMW presented the System I helmet. This improved integral helmet with folding chin section was a world first that set new standards in the world of motorcycling. In 2018, the System 7 Carbon helmet is the highlight of the current rider equipment range. It can be effortlessly transformed from a system helmet to a jet helmet, meeting the very highest standards in terms of safety, aerodynamics and versatility.

Stylish appearance: the “40 Years” motorcycle jacket.

“40 Years” motorcycle jacket.

Heritage designs are the latest thing nowadays, making the “40 Years” motorcycle jacket doubly desirable: it offers timeless throwback style combined with the very latest motorcycle fashion. In the version for men it is limited to 150 items – and only 50 of the women’s version will be produced. Anyone able to get hold of one of these unique jackets will be able to enjoy a 1970s look while at the same time benefiting from cutting-edge quality.

The BMW Motorrad premium jacket “DarkNite” was selected as the basis. The rider is protected by removable NPL protectors at the elbows and shoulders along with padded inserts, while a back protector can be retrofitted at any time. It goes without saying that modern features such as a special smartphone pocket are included in the “40 Years” motorcycle jacket, too. It is available in the color combination blue and white, and bears the “since 1978” inscription on the right sleeve along with the BMW logo on the chest.

Historical background: The world’s first ever BMW Gore-Tex textile suit was presented in 1986 – opening up a whole new dimension of motorcycle clothing. 1990 saw the market launch of the first Kevlar-reinforced suit, the BMW PROTEC – regarded as the safest motorcycle suit in the world at the time. In 1993 BMW Motorrad presented the first waterproof leather suit. Updated every year, the Atlantis suit remains an integral part of the BMW Motorrad collection to this day. In 1997 the motorcycling world was thrilled to see the first jeans suit made of the high-tech fabric InoTex – developed exclusively for BMW Motorrad. Now in its fifth generation in 2018, the Rallye suit is made of ProtechWool – a synthetic fibre with carbon finish that provides highly effective abrasion resistance since pressure and heat cause the fabric to compress.

Short and cool: the “40 Years” gloves.

“40 Years” gloves

The “40 Years” Collection gloves are designed for fans of the roadster and heritage culture. Conceived as a light summer glove, this collection highlight is made of finest goatskin leather. Perforations between the fingers provide good ventilation, while impact-absorbing temper foam and double-layered leather sections ensure excellent protection. The coloring – top and back of the hand in blue, palm in light grey – and the “78” inscription on the thumb perfectly match the “40 Years” motorcycle jacket. The gloves are limited to an edition of 250.

Historical background: The sports-style Two in One touring gloves caused a stir in 2014. Its two chambers – PROOF and GRIP – enabled a fast and simple switch between optimum grip and waterproofing.

High-quality retro luggage: the “40 Years” weekender.

Weekender “40 Years”

Whether shoes, jackets, motorcycle saddles or cases – anyone investing in leather in 1978 was out to make a splash. BMW Motorrad echoes this trend from the past with a stylish travel bag. The eye-catcher in orange and red is available in a limited edition of 200. The exclusive weekender is made of natural Italian leather with decorative highlights. Features include leather grips and a shoulder strap, an outer pocket and studs on the base.

Whether the leather pouch to match the travel bag, T-shirts to go with the “40 Years” motorcycle jacket, the silk scarf or the “since 78” poster – the BMW Motorrad “40 Years Collection” offers a fashionable retrospective on the history of BMW Motorrad.

“40 Years Collection” T-shirt

The BMW Motorrad rider equipment product range currently comprises six helmets, eight textile suits, five leather suits, 12 textile and leather jackets, seven pairs of trousers/jeans, 11 pairs of motorcycle boots with two pairs of sneakers, 12 pairs of gloves and a wide range of functional and protection clothing, eight special bags and rucksacks, matching care products and also numerous style products.

The “40 Years Collection” will be available from August 2018 in Germany, other European countries (incl. Switzerland), and Japan. For an overview of the new collection and the current BMW Motorrad rider equipment range, see


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