BMW Motorcycle Magazine is a unique publication combining the best quality content with the ultimate brand of motorcycles and what many consider the most desirable rider readership. The result is the best vehicle for your advertising dollar.

What makes us unique?

BMW Motorcycle Magazine’s premium content is created by professional writers, photographers and artists in the United States and Germany—where BMWs are built and avidly followed. Access to exclusive “Made in Germany” content means first-class information straight from the home of BMW motorcycles. Our writers are active riders with a passion for their subject. They test the latest models, analyze the tech, engineering and manufacturing, interview the decision-makers, and report on the events and riders that keep this enthusiastic crowd rolling.

Building on this exclusive content is the addition of U.S. news, events, products, destinations and rider training, under the editorship of Sandy Cohen. As the former editor of a U.S. BMW club publication, she is well-known to the BMW motorcycle community. The combination of German and U.S. content makes the BMW Motorcycle Magazine an exciting, international publication that readers appreciate and value.

BMW Motorcycle Magazine is the only commercial, independent BMW motorcycle publication in the U.S. We are not tied to any club, organization or BMW corporate. Our mission is to inform, educate and entertain, featuring all the best in BMW motorcycles and riding. Distribution is through newsstands, bookstores, BMW dealer showrooms and subscriptions.

And Now… Digital and Mobile

In 2011, the exciting digital edition of BMW Motorcycle Magazine was launched. Created exclusively for us, the app for the iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® recreates each of our issues for readers who prefer the mobility and appreciate the interactive features it provides. Advertisers value the added exposure of now being carried in both print and digital editions for the same rate. Our five-star rated app has expanded readership to more than 80 countries and is growing rapidly in popularity.

Our Readership

BMW Motorcycle Magazine readers are passionate about their motorcycles and, importantly to advertisers, have the spending power to fuel that passion. They are informed, discerning and affluent. They demand the best from their motorcycles as well as their magazine and we give them the same excellence: superb photography, cutting-edge design and content that builds brand excitement. BMW Motorcycle Magazine offers a unique opportunity to reach this lucrative market.


BMW Motorcycle Magazine continually delivers the best in distinctive, exciting articles and photographs in every issue. From the legendary bikes of BMW’s history to the latest concept bikes or cutting-edge innovation in riding accessories, we provide the depth of information that makes BMW Motorcycle Magazine the one publication BMW riders can’t afford to miss.

  • BMW News Worldwide
  • New Models: Stats, Tests and Reports
  • In-depth Tech and Engineering Analysis
  • Product Evaluations
  • Gear: News and Reviews
  • Garage Mechanics
  • Destinations, Rides & Tours
  • Riding Safety Skills
  • Events, Rallies, Community Activities
  • Motorsport
  • Editorial Columnists
  • Tips & Advice from the Pros

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