Who we are

BMW Motorcycle Magazine is a unique publication featuring the best of content about the ultimate brand of motorcycles.

What makes us unique?

Our featured content comes directly from the heart of Germany where BMWs are built and appreciated passionately. Our professional writers provide tests of the latest models, analysis of the tech, engineering and manufacturing, interviews from the decision-makers, reports on international events and interesting coverage of the people and riders that keep this huge enthusiastic crowd ticking. Access to the “Made in Germany” content means first-class information straight from the home of BMW motorcycles.

Our History

With more than 30 years in the publishing business, the German publishing house of MO Meiden Verlag currently prints 11 motorcycle and powersports titles including: Motorrad Magazin MO, Klassik Motorrad, BMW Motorräder, Motorräder aus Italien, Quad-Magazin, Motorrad Testbuch, Motorrad Jahrbuch, 9elf, and Auto Strada.


In the fall of 1999, the first issue of BMW Motorräder was launched. From the beginning, the magazine was a huge success in Germany and bordering countries of Switzerland, Austria and Holland. BMW is not the only German motorcycle manufacturer but it’s by far the most popular. In Germany, there are about 350,000 beemers on the road and most of the people riding are not just motorcyclists, they are true BMW aficionados. It was reasoned that this enthusiastic crowd would also love a motorcycle magazine featuring nothing else but the fascinating world of BMW motorcycles. That’s why it was simply named: “BMW Motorräder” (BMW Motorcycles).

The new magazine wasn’t on the road long when people started asking for an English language edition. It took some time to get going, but in late 2007, BMW Motorcycle Magazine was born.

At first sight this magazine may appear like a campaign from the corporate marketing department of BMW. Quite the contrary though, BMW Motorcycle Magazine is edited, produced and created at the desks of an independent publisher, someone who is not afraid to criticize if BMW’s overenthusiastic technicians have gone a bit far (again). Of course, we’re all motorcycle enthusiasts and we love BMW motorcycles. But it’s not our job to simply praise the Bavarian bikes. Our tests examine and explore every aspect of the machines and their performance to analyze the celebrated quality of BMW motorbikes.

And Now… Announcing the Latest Advance

After five issues and two years of distribution worldwide (including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Great Britain and South Aftrica), we have combined our resources with a U.S.-based publishing company to make BMW Motorcycle Magazine truly reflect the international readership we have gathered. The April 2010 issue is the first joint effort, bringing together a team of respected and experienced writers with an unrivalled passion for all things BMW. Our content will now include U.S. news, events, products, destinations and riders.

Our success has also made it possible to increase publication to four times a year, to fully cover the four seasons of riding and enable us to expand our content. The best news to subscribers is that, thanks to efficiencies of printing and mailing within the U.S., our annual subscription rate remains under $20 and the single copy price is now an affordable $6.95.

BMW Motorcycle Magazine is the only commercial, independent BMW motorcycle publication in the U.S. We are not tied to any club or organization. Our mission is to inform, educate and entertain, featuring all the best in BMW motorcycles and riding.

Distribution will be through newsstands, BMW dealer showrooms and direct mailings. Advertisers can also now be assured of reaching the market they want, whenever they want, with affordable pricing.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? So, subscribe now!

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