BMW S1000RR (2010)

The 2010 BMW S1000RR was built to meet the super bike market head on. In many ways, it’s design is traditional and therefore should fit easily into current sport bike owner’s expectations. But it also has uniquely BMW touches of sophistication and technology. A new motorcycle for a new, to BMW, market segment presented at an affordable price.

BMW S1000RR (2010) Road Test by ex-world champion Dirk Raudies, examination of the technology and suppliers, review of the engine on the test bench, and discussion of the new electronics appeared in the Spring 2010 BMW Motorcycle Magazine.



Other Reviews around the Internet:

Motorcyclist, “The real deal: The competition should be very worried.”, “This bike impressed more than any production motorcycle in recent memory. Utterly amazing power harnessed by a communicative chassis and very adjustable suspension, plus high-tech electronics, make for a bike that should no doubt push the envelope of liter-class machines worldwide.”, “Kneel before it and hail the new 2010 MotoUSA Superbike Smackdown Champion: The BMW S1000RR.”, “You want the best Superbike of ’10 for the street? Well the BMW S1000RR is it.”

Popular Mechanics, “If the new superbike benchmark is accessible performance, then BMW got there first.”

Visor Down (UK), “I’m massively impressed by the R’s sophistication, smoothness and brute power. BMW should be rightly proud of this bike, it’s unbelievably fast and yet so easy to master.”, ” It’s devastatingly powerful yet easy to manage, and its electronics package is more advanced than anything from its rivals.”, “BMW S1000RR on the Dyno: Off the Charts!”


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