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BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Spring 2011 ( Issue 10 )

Page 6, Editorial, Sandy Cohen: Sandy wants to hear from you. Contact her using our contact form.

Page 10-15, BMW Concept C: Looking for more? We’ve got more photos of BMW’s urban commuter scooter in our BMW Concept C photo gallery. Is a BMW scooter a good idea or not? Add your comments to our news post. To find more articles on the BMW Concept C, click here.

Page 16, BMW R1200GS Triple Black: The complete specs, including accessories and more photos are available online on our BMW R1200GS Triple Black news post.

Page 17, Street Art Meets Urban Cool: Ready to put together a three-dimensional paper toy tiger from Kékli’s template? Go to Kékli’s website or click here to download the PDF directly.

Page 18-19, 2010 GS Trophy: Looking for more details from southern Africa check out our daily news updates:

Plus more of the interview with Michael Trammer, GS Trophy 2010 Project Manager.

Page 20-21, Racing: Keep up on all the latest racing action as it happens from our homepage or subscribe to our RSS feed. To see what you’ve missed check out news tagged with the “racing” category.

Page 23, News Briefs: Month-to-month sales figures and more details on BMW’s financial state are posted on our homepage. To see past financial posts check out our “report” category.

Page 36-43, The Project: The detail and craftsmanship that goes into every part created for this built-from-scratch sport bike is incredible. We didn’t have room to show you everything, so take a few minutes to visit our gallery and you’ll be amazed.

Page 84-91, Gear: BMW riders love to accessorize. So, if you know of a great product or you’re a business who manufactures a great gizmo, please contact us.

Page 82-96, Destinations: We want to hear about your favorite riding roads for publication in future issues. You don’t need to be a writer, just contact the Editor! If you would like your event listed on our calendar, please use our calendar update form.

Page 85-88, Destinations: Charley Boorman’s Africa See the video below for more from Rob House including a short interview with Charley Boorman (starting at 1:19).


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