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Shipping Costs


If your subscription starts with the next regularly scheduled issue, then shipping to a U.S. address is included in the subscription price; shipping to a Canadian address is an additional $4 per year; and shipping to any other place in the world (International shipping), including Mexico, is an additional $8 per year. The shipping cost is included in the product price at checkout and will not be shown after the separate “Shipping” subtotal. The Shipping subtotal will show $0.00 unless your subscription starts with the current issue and/or your order includes a previous issue.

If your subscription starts with the current issue or includes any other previous issue, then an additional shipping charge is added according to the “previous issues” box below. This covers the additional postage and handling cost to ship issue(s) to you individually.

Previous Issues:

Quantity: U.S.  Canada Mexico International
1 $3.95 $6.50 $9.50 $13.95
2 $7.50 $9.95 $14.30 $19.95
3 $7.50 $13.50 $18.75 $27.25
4 $7.50 $20.00 $26.00 $27.25
5 $11.00 $24.50 $33.00 $37.00
6 $14.50 $27.50 $37.50 $46.25
7 $14.50 $50.45 $68.00 $52.50
8 $14.50 $50.45 $68.00 $83.50
9-25 $15.00 $50.45 $68.00 $83.50
25 or more Please call for estimate

All previous issues are shipped using the United States Postal Service. If you order a single issue, it will be mailed using First Class Mail. All other orders will be sent using Priority Mail or a combination of First Class and Priority Mail, for the most economical method. To conform to postal regulations for size and weight, orders may be sent in multiple shipments. Any taxes, duties or other customs fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

For all orders above 25 issues or for more specific pricing, or if you have a special request for method of shipping or packaging, please call the office: 520-407-5546.