BMW Uses the New Possibilities of the “iPad”

BMW Uses the New Possibilities of the “iPad”

Future iPad owners can look forward to mobile information available about BMW. BMW is ready for the European launch of the iPad coming the end of May with applications.

The BMW campaign site is exclusively for the new Apple iPad and optimizes its intuitive haptic user guidance and navigation. The BMW Videos Channel includes current BMW TV and a detailed overview of all current BMW models. The BMW Financial Services site or the BMW car configurator can be reached with just one touch through links. Information is also on any BMW model and a distributor search.

Also available on the campaign page is the “multi-touch” feature, as is known on the iPhone or other smartphones. This allows every detail of the various BMW models to be seen very closely.

Depending on the market launch of the iPad, BMW will also point to the current “Story of Joy” campaign, both in print and in the TV campaign on the iPad page. The action page database allows fast model selection and contact to BMW dealerships.

Tobias Nickel, head of marketing communications BMW Germany says: “We go to a new media with the iPad. This will necessarily require new forms of advertising. We rely on the ‘iPadvertorial,’ which combines advertising and informational content without being obtrusive. It’s important to us that the use of the iPad in front of the TV or as a replacement newspaper at the breakfast table is not affected by advertising, but enriched.”

The iPad action site was developed and implemented for the German market by the Digital Agency Plan.Net. “Tablet devices such as the iPad ring in a brand new era for involvement and interactive advertising, which goive the users added value, provided it is properly designed in advance. The action page for BMW has relied on such user involvement and demonstrates the new possibilities of communication in future,” says Plan.Net CEO Michael Frank.

For international use, the BMW magazine, the world’s most widely read customer magazine, has been adapted for the iPad. The digital edition combines, in English, the content and aesthetic quality of the magazine with the innovative possibilities of the iPad and offers features such as integration of web content, satellite maps and videos that enrich the reading flow. In this way, the boundaries of a traditional magazine are blown up and the individual uses more online content. Nevertheless, it maintains the typical features of a print medium in the implementation.

Jochen Schmalholz, Head of Marketing Innovation BMW Group adds: “With interactive content, the magazine gets an extra dimension and expands the mere pages with the possibility of full navigability. Table of contents and page numbers have had their day, as the reader may at any time directly control all aspects. The iPad adaptation was done by the magazine of the BMW iconmobile group.

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