7 out of 7 for Kern and the BMW S1000RR!

7 out of 7 for Kern and the BMW S1000RR!

Entering seven races, Nate Kern won all seven in Championship Cup Series in South Carolina

Championship Cup Series racing recently returned to Carolina Motorsports Park in South Carolina, USA and Nate Kern was there on his BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta S1000RR to show why this is the most potent 1000cc motorcycle any rider can buy. Entering seven races, Kern won all seven, against many full race-prepped AMA level race bikes.

Nate Kern rolling through the curves on the S1000RR at Carolina Motorsports Park

Winning GTO, Unlimited Superbike, Unlimited Supersport, and Unlimited Grand Prix on the Saturday, Kern followed that up with wins on the Sunday in the same Unlimited classes.

Having been racing his beloved BMW Boxer Twins for so long, Nate has had to make the transition back to riding a ‘conventional’ motorcycle again, although the challenge seems to have come easy to him and like many other racers that have made the switch to the four-cylinder BMW S1000RR, he feels that the package has an incredible amount of potential as a race machine.

On a bumpy Carolina Motorsports Park track, getting the bike’s suspension set-up correctly was critical for success. Fortunately, Nate was helped by a celebrated former World Superbike mechanic with lots of AMA and Isle Of Man TT experience, who rebuilt the fork three times, making it stiffer and stiffer until it was perfect for the track conditions. Furthermore, adding a tooth to the rear sprocket gave Nate an additional 800 rpm and saved a second from his lap times.

Nate Kern flying on the S1000RR. Nate's a BMW man through and through

The changes obviously worked, because apart from the first race when he received a ‘stop and go’ penalty for a jump start, Nate won every race by eight seconds! Nate had started the weekend doing lap times of 1:41, but he was able to get this down to 1:32s, and even in the GTO race where he received the stop and go penalty, Nate still won by several seconds, catching the lead pack of four riders for the win.

Nate was racing with the BMW in ‘RACE’ mode with the DTC off and ABS on due to bumpy track surface, and on the dyno, his basically stock S1000RR was making 191 hp at the rear wheel on regular fuel Throughout the weekend, motorcycle fans and other riders flocked to see the S1000RR that had dominated the racing at Carolina Motorsports Park, proving once again that BMW has hit the target with its 1000cc four-cylinder Superbike.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend for BMW in South Carolina, and one that Nate Kern won’t forget in a hurry, although it’s just the first step in a new chapter for the American rider that has a long history with the brand, right from the early days of BoxerCup and Power Cup racing:

“I am getting along great with this amazing RR and could have never imagined 12 years ago when I first rode a motorcycle, that this would happen,” said Nate, who has been involved with the promotional and Guerilla marketing of the RR in the USA since February 2009. “I’ve enjoyed exposing this powerhouse of a machine to the American sportbike market and am very proud to say that our work helped the USA to become the most pre-sold RR country in the world.

“I still get an amazing amount of emails from pre-order RR customers and have really enjoyed being ‘hands on’ in helping to sell this class-leading bike to customers. Getting out on track and demonstrating these things in person at events like this has helped make an even bigger impact. To be able to articulate the amazing electronics and capabilities of the chassis and motor as I am putting my helmet on, then go and win and then come back and share with spectators I never met before why and how it worked so well is as good as it gets!”

Photos by Lisa Theobald

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