Playboy Italia Dresses Up BMW’s Naked Roadster

Playboy Italia Dresses Up BMW’s Naked Roadster

Motorcycles have always been the height of fashion, not just because they look great, but probably because they are almost always linked with youth, success, desirability and sex appeal. In a way that cars can never emulate, bikes are the ultimate symbol of youth and independence, which is why fashion photographers consider them a perfect fit for magazine photo-shoots.

The BMW K1300R was commissioned by photographer Michel Temteme to star alongside two fashion models in Playboy Italia

The latest fashion photographer to discover the muscular appeal of the BMW K1300R is Michel Temteme, who commissioned the 175 hp four-cylinder roadster to star alongside two fashion models in the latest issue of Playboy Italia. Michel, who specialises in fashion and portrait photography, has produced work for all the big magazines such as Amica, GQ, Men’s Health, Panorama, Riders, Sportswear International, Vanity Fair, Wired, and of course Playboy. For this particular photo-shoot in Milan, the clothes dictated the necessity for a motorcycle.

“The brief for any fashion shoot always starts with the kind of clothes that you want to photograph. For this shoot, our idea was to mix clothes and accessories for motorcyclists with ‘normal’, but special clothing,” says Michel. “Having decided on this strategy, the next step for us was to decide how and where to do the photos – and what to add. In this case we decided to add a motorcycle!”

Because this shoot actually took place in the middle of a northern Italian winter, an easy decision was taken to make the pictures indoors. Therefore, the production team searched for the perfect garage to replicate a typical mechanic’s workshop. They eventually found one with just the right amount of space to work in, and light the models and the K1300R. This helped Michel to achieve the exact balance he wanted between the stylish clothing and the workshop environment – and the results speak for themselves.

The 175 hp four-cylinder roadster looks great from any angle

“It worked very well and there were no difficulties illuminating the BMW K1300R because the bike is very suitable for the type of lighting I wanted,” says Michel, who also used a BMW bike for a photoshoot several years ago for Men’s Health magazine. “I really like this bike, but I don’t have a licence to drive a big motorcycle, only a car, so I have to get this arranged.

The fashion section of Playboy is an extremely popular part of the magazine and the shooting was first published in the Italian issue, after which Playboy France asked for the rights to publish it in the French edition too. Editorial Director of Playboy Italia Enrico Barbieri is a motorcycle fan and was delighted with the look of the fashion pages, with the inclusion of the BMW K1300R.

“I can say that I am really content with the results of the shooting for the fashion section of our magazine with our male and female model, and of course the motorcycle. The BMW K1300R is in target with our readership. It looks great and it is awesome to ride, and it confirms that BMW is one of the most prestigious brands in the world.”

The online version of Issue 12 of Playboy Italy (where the shooting was published) is available for download on Zinio ( ). Michel Temtem is represented by Gettyimages and luzphoto in Italy.

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