S1000RR Stuck on You!

S1000RR Stuck on You!

The art of tattooing has been practiced for centuries worldwide and although they aren’t for everyone,  those who go ‘under the needle’ to have their favorite design, message or even the name of their loved ones permanently tattooed onto their skin tend to come back for more, time and time again. Just ask someone like Emily Van Houten, who has tattoos on both of her upper arms, on one of her forearms, on her feet, her thigh and lower back.

With her latest artwork, the German model could well be starting a major new trend, as she is almost certainly the first person to have a BMW S1000RR tattoo. Proudly emblazed on her right shoulder, the striking RR logo was completed by tattoo artist Christian Renner, in conjunction with a special photoshoot that took place at the Kultfabrik, an area of Munich famed for its artists and nightlife.

For Emily, the ‘pain was definitely worth the gain’, as she now has something that many people will be interested in, given the fact that the BMW S1000RR is the bike that everyone’s talking about this year.

“I really hope I am the first and only one with the S1000RR tattoo,” says Emily, who got her first tattoo – a ‘tramp stamp’ at the age of 15 and has been busy collecting more ever since. “Actually it wasn’t painful at all, as the shoulder is a good spot. I love all my tattoos and don’t really have a favorite, because they all have different meanings to me. For the S1000RR tattoo, I just thought it would be a great idea that would remind me of a very special and fun photoshoot! I’m not a rider myself – I’m too scared – but I do like motorcycles so I guess I would call myself a fan. As for the S1000RR, I just love it! It’s sporty and beautiful, a great motorcycle!”

For fashion photographer Markus Hoffman, who took the pictures of Emily Van Houten with the S1000RR, it was an unusual shoot, as he is normally used to working with models with flawless skin who conform to a certain stereotype.

“This project was a completely new experience for me as a photographer. Emily van Houten is a lovely person but she is not a ‘normal’ model. She has tattoos all over her body and many piercings, which for a fashion model is usually an absolute ‘No Go’. It was great working with her though and I wish that some of the professional models I work with had her will and her commitment.

“The shoot took place in the Kultfabrik, which is located in the east of Munich and contains many discos, restaurants, studios, and galleries. We rented a hall and the nearby ‘Tattoo Cafe 818’, which is owned by BMW rider Christoph Dodl. This is the studio where Emily got her tattoo. It was nice and clean and as the day passed, more and more artists, musicians and customers showed up, to either get a new tattoo or just to drink a cup of coffee. It was a very relaxing atmosphere.”

Markus is planning to publish these pictures in the K-Magazin (a publication dedicated to the Kultfabrik) as well as selected tattoo and lifestyle magazines. The photoshoot also captured the attention of the head of sales and marketing of the Kultfabrik, Florian Reif (who just happens to be an S1000RR fan) who turned up to have a closer look at Emily and the BMW Superbike.

“This photoshoot was a totally crazy idea, but since the model and the machine are both incredibly ‘hot’, then why not!” he said. “To my shame I have to admit that I still haven’t got any tattoos. I’ve been planning to get one for several years, but I just can’t find the right design or theme. I’ve been into motorcycles since my early youth, probably because of the impressive power and speed they have. The S1000RR is really fantastic – it looks really fast and the technical details speak for themselves. Owning a bike like this would be a perfect dream for every man – it’s certainly the kind of bike I would buy. BMW is building some amazing bikes at the moment.”

Do you know anyone who has a BMW tattoo? If so, why not tell us about it via the BMW Motorrad Facebook page? Watch this space for a ‘making of’ video about this story.


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