At Avignon in France in September 1980, BMW presented its revolutionary 800cc all-terrain motorcycle to the press. This radical new machine forced the birth of a versatile new genre – the R80G/S could tackle anything from urban and long-distance riding to off-road enduros. During the next 30 years, the GS would be much copied by other manufacturers, but as any owner will tell you, nothing comes close to the feeling you get from riding a BMW GS.

As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of its GS model range, BMW Motorrad has created a special online ‘THANK YOU GS’ Photobook and all owners – past and present – are invited to get involved.

The ‘user generated’ online special has been designed for GS riders to upload their photos, stories and experiences with their GS. This will create an endless THANK YOU GS digital photobook which users can flick backwards and forwards through to see some of the best pictures of GS riders from all over the world. The special site also includes a potted history of 30 years of the GS, with facts, figures and excellent pictures from the past three decades.

There are already some well-known GS ‘celebrities’ who have uploaded contributions, such as Guinness World Record holders for endurance motorcycling Kevin and Julia Sanders; adventure motorcycling author Robert Wicks; adventure tour operator Ricardo Tomas; and many more. However, BMW Motorrad is interested in all GS riders, so if you have some great pictures of you and your GS – and a few words to describe what GS motorcycling means to you – then BMW Motorrad is waiting for your contribution.

To become part of the THANK YOU GS photobook is easy: all participants have to do is visit and have a look though the online special. In order to post content, it is necessary to register details, but this only takes a few minutes. After that, you will be able to log into the site and share your GS experiences with the world.

With thousands of riders having covered millions of miles on their GS bikes, there are surely few places that haven’t been visited by owners of this iconic motorcycle. So, if a BMW GS has made your travel dreams come true and opened up your horizons to an unstoppable world of experience, then tell BMW Motorrad about them by visiting and share your GS adventures with other GS riders from all over the world.

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