Victory for Pfeiffer at German Stuntriding Open

Victory for Pfeiffer at German Stuntriding Open

Chris Pfeiffer and his BMW F800R have won the German Stuntriding Open, held last weekend at the Hockenheimring, where the Bavarian rider successfully defended his 2009 title.

“I am very happy to win. There were many of the world’s best riders competing, a lot of new, extremely difficult tricks taken to the stage and the final proved to be quite a tense affair,” said Pfeiffer after the event.

Saturday saw the qualifying heats held on a 30 x 80 meters (about 90 x 270-foot) area, after which eight out of 41 participants would earn the right to progress to Sunday’s final. The main event was staged on the start/finish straight of the well-known Hockenheimring road racing circuit and, having won the qualifying heats on the Saturday, Chris would start last. This allowed him to watch his rivals, see the tricks that they were showing and note how the judges responded to their performances.

Following Rafal Pasierbeck, Sebastien Desbonnet and Thomas Sagnier, Pfeiffer knew he had to take some risks and do something special to be sure of progressing to the ‘superfinal’. True to form, Pfeiffer delivered his best performance with his newest trick on the BMW F800R – the ‘180 brake slide roll back’. Although he hadn’t been totally confident it was going to work, the defending champ took the necessary risk and mastered it perfectly, then moving to a ‘no hands wheelie circle’.

“Yep, that was great,” explained a jubilant Pfeiffer after his performance. “I was really flowing afterwards, barely making a mistake. I made it to the superfinal together with Pasierbek, Desbonnet and Sagnier.”

The second performance lasted only four-and-a-half minutes again, with Chris underlining what a class act he is.

“Looking at the other riders, my second run wasn’t the most difficult, but almost error-free again. It was pretty stylish and I earned the highest points score once more and repeated last year’s victory,” confirmed the new (and old) champion.

Stuntriding German Open

1. Chris Pfeiffer, GER, 56.0

2. Sebastien Desbonnet, FRA, 50.0

3. Rafal Pasierbeck, POL, 49.5

4. Thomas Sagnier, FRA, 46.0

5. Martin Kratky, CZE

Pfeiffer also took the German title on Sunday morning. This championship was decided in one run.

Stuntriding German Championship

1. Chris Pfeiffer, 27.0

2. Bastian Buchan, 20.0

3. Andreas Halcour, 19.5

4. Stephan Günther, 19.0

5. Arjan de-Graaf, 16.5

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