Free S1000RR Safety Package for Active Duty Military

Free S1000RR Safety Package for Active Duty Military

The World’s Fastest Superbike is also the Safest

BMW Motorrad USA has launched a promotion to help America’s servicemen and women ride more safely. Active-duty* military personnel who purchase a new BMW S1000RR from August 19, 2010 until December 31, 2010, will receive a free safety package, including Race ABS & Dynamic Traction Control worth $1,480 from BMW Motorrad USA.

“To show our gratitude and appreciation to our men and women in uniform for their service to our country, BMW now offers them our safety package on the S1000RR free of charge,” remarked Todd Andersen, BMW Motorrad USA Marketing Manager. “The result will be safer riders, fewer accidents and greater protection from harm for those who protect us.”

The number of accidents, injuries, and deaths among US military personnel has been an issue of great concern throughout the U.S. armed forces. BMW Motorrad USA’s performance riding training partner, the California Superbike School (CSS), is actively involved in providing training to the U.S. Air Force, Army and Marine Corps to help reduce the number of military personnel who are injured and killed in motorcycle accidents.

Recognized as the foremost motorcycle school in the world, the CSS has taught 100,000 street riders and 15 U.S. Superbike Champions since its inception in 1980. Keith Code, director of CSS, has been a pioneer in the field of motorcycle training for more than a quarter of a century. Today, CSS is found on four continents, offering full rider training for riders of all types of motorcycles – from cruisers to superbikes.

This year, CSS switched from rival 600 Supersport motorcycles to the BMW S1000RR. Despite having 80 more horsepower, the number of student crashes on the track has declined by 60 percent. While the tracks, training, and students haven’t changed, the safety features of the BMW S1000RR have led to a significant reduction in accidents.

According to Code, so far this year, over 900 CSS students have ridden more than 100,000 track miles at eight tracks in all types of weather conditions, wet and dry, on BMW S1000RRs fitted with Dynamic Traction Control and Race ABS systems.

“Compared to the 600s we’ve used for the past 30 years, amounting to 12 million miles of track training with over 125,000 students at 106 tracks around the world, our crash ratio has reduced by 60 percent,” observed Code.  “Last year, we had an average of 1.2 crashes per school day.  This year, so far, crashes are down to 0.3 per day.”

“For track-based high performance rider improvement, the ultra-fast BMW S1000RR, tempered by its state-of-the-art electronics, is the most fantastic training aid ever developed – period,” added Code.  “The bike provides an electronic cushion that forgives some of the more common rider errors.  This minimizes panic and gives riders more time to gather themselves before the situation escalates out of control.”

“Of course, no bike will forgive careless reckless riding,” said Code, “but our experience proves that BMW’s rider aids can actually help you become a better rider.”

The new BMW S1000RR is not only the most powerful production bike on the market, it’s also the safest, thanks to the cutting-edge electronic rider aids Race ABS and Dynamic Traction Control. No other motorcycle from any manufacturer offers this unique combination of safety features. Offering a complimentary S1000RR Safety Package to America’s servicemen and women is one way BMW is showing its appreciation for their dedicated service to our country.

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