BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Spring 2011, Available Now!

BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Spring 2011, Available Now!

The Spring 2011 BMW Motorcycle Magazine (issue #10) is now available! Order yours from our online shop and have it delivered direct to your door. Copies will also be available at your favorite retailer within the next couple of weeks. You can see a preview of pages and a list of articles on our current issue page.

A radical new Beemer is coming and targeting a new audience: urban commuters. BMW’s latest concept cycle isn’t what you would expect; it’s a scooter! The BMW Concept C showcases aggressive looks and impressive technology but it’s the fact BMW will build a scooter and delivery it worldwide (including the USA) in the future that is sure to stun our readers. An interview with VP of Design, David Robb gives insight into the reasons BMW made this decision.

If you’re looking for something less controversial, BMW has a new special edition R1200GS Triple Black. The R1200GS and its sister the R1200GS Adventure are BMW’s best selling models — check out BMW’s sales numbers for 2010 in this issue as well — and it’s easy to see BMW will sell plenty more with this blacked-out version.

If your heart lies with more classic BMWs, take a look at the work from Urban Motor. Classic Airhead Boxers are transformed at this Berlin-based shop and we have the large, colorful photos to drool over. Just look at their “Earl Grey” on the cover!

For Hans-Juergen Scheibe and Jan Petersen, tinkering with a classic bike wasn’t enough. They decided to build the perfect sportbike… from scratch! The Project is to build a complete bike with every part either modified or machined by them. The intricate engine parts are stunning.

Rob Levinson adored his R1200C Phoenix and its roomy ergonomics but didn’t appreciate its lack of power. Determined to build a better bike, he rebuilt a crashed cruiser and with some salvaged parts from more powerful sport Boxers, he created The Phoenix Reborn.

If getting off-road is more your thing, we have a pair of Airhead enduros. Gudermann’s Veteran Enduros are replicas of the classic BMWs that ran through the countryside before anyone heard of the GS.

And we have one more classic. We go back to the future to look again at the BMW K1. The fully-enclosed sport bike is either loved or hated but what makes it special? Take a ride with us.

Plus, we have some great destinations you should check out before planning the upcoming riding season.

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