BMW Motorrad Starts Year with 23.6% Increase in Sales

BMW Motorrad Starts Year with 23.6% Increase in Sales

BMW reported it’s January 2011 sales today with impressive motorcycle results—year-on-year sales increased 23.6%. That’s 4,714 units delivered to customers worldwide in January 2011 compared to 3,814 in January 2010. This continues the steady growth from last year where BMW recorded a sales increase of 12.3% for the year. It’s also going against the overall market trend and allows BMW to expand its market share. BMW expects further growth later this year with the release of a revised R1200R and R1200R Classic, G650GS, and, above all, from its 6-cylinder powered K1600GT and the K1600GTL.

On the automobile side, the BMW Group also started the new year well with sales growth of 28%. A total of 105,177 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles were delivered to customers worldwide in January (compared to 82,150 the previous year).

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing said, “We made a successful start to the new year. We were able to make substantial gains in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa—as we reap the benefits of our young and attractive model range. The BMW Group has once again set itself ambitious goals for 2011—record sales of more than 1.5 million vehicles and new highs for all three brands. We want to reinforce our global position as the leading supplier of premium automobiles.” Robertson added, “We expect growth rates to remain strong over the next few months, although the pace will slow a little in the second half of the year, due to baseline effects.”

Sales of BMW brand vehicles increased 30% in January to reach 90,841 automobiles (prev. yr. 69,861). Deliveries of the BMW X1 rose to 7,067 (prev. yr. 4,092 / +72.7%) units, while the BMW 3 Series reported 23,489 sales (prev. yr. 22,501 / +4.4%). With an increase of 118.4% to 24,109 units, sales of the BMW 5 Series doubled from the same month last year (prev. yr. 11,037). BMW 5 Series GT volumes climbed 131.3%, with 2,160 vehicles delivered to customers (prev. yr. 934). The new BMW X3 met with exceptionally strong demand and was purchased by 5,982 (prev. yr. 3,072 / +94.7%) customers in January.

The MINI brand also continued on its growth track in January and, at 14,126 units, sold 15.8% more vehicles year-on-year (12,202). Most of this growth was from the new MINI Countryman, with 3,505 deliveries.

Rolls-Royce remained the market leader in the ultra-luxury segment last month. A total of 210 (prev. yr. 87) Phantom and Ghost models were sold worldwide in January—an increase of 141.4%.

The signs indicated growth for BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce in virtually all European markets, the Americas, Africa and Asia, in the month under review.

In Europe, the company sold 19.3% more vehicles in total than in January 2010 (49,029 / prev. yr. 41,096). New vehicle registrations for BMW Group vehicles in Germany rose 30.9% to 18,223 units (prev. yr. 13,924). The BMW brand increased sales here by 31.5% (16,054 / prev. yr. 12,210) and, with a market share of 7.6%, led the premium segment. In the U.K, BMW Group deliveries were 44.9% (9,394 / prev. yr. 6,482) higher in the month under review; in France, the increase was 38.6% (3,022 / prev. yr. 2,180).

The BMW Group also reported healthy growth in the U.S. Sales here climbed to 18,656 units—an increase of 21.1%. Once again, China also showed dynamic growth. In January, 20,308 Chinese customers purchased a new BMW or MINI (prev. yr. 11,919 / +70.4%).

Growth also received a strong boost from key emerging markets, among others, with consistent double-digit sales growth: Russia (+30.7% to 1,476 units), South Korea (+52.9% to 1,850), Brazil (+111.1% to 859) and India (+46.6% to 500).

BMW Group sales in January 2011 at a glance

In January 2011 Compared to previous year
BMW Group Automobiles 105,177 +28.0%
BMW 90,841 +30.0%
MINI 14,126 +15.8%
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars 210 +141.4%
BMW Motorcycles 4,714 +23.6%

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  1. I have had 4 BMW bikes in 30+ years of riding, there has never been a mojor issue with any of them. I had put 70K+ miles on them, My current ride is a 2007 K1200R sport, it has developed a gas leak on the fuel pump assembly flange. I know of 2 other bikes with the exact same issue. The dealer is refusing to help, the national customer service is of no help, the bike was 2 months out of warranty !!! The fix for this is to purchase a complete assembly at the cost of $ 500.00. How can BMW keep a market share if the treat customers like this and continue to use inferior parts and materials ? With the use of plastic parts there will be no way to restore and keep them going, they will just be melted down and recycled !!! If there is help contact me at

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