Concept C as Fashion Photo Prop

Concept C as Fashion Photo Prop

Top fashion photographer Markus Hofmann has used BMW motorcycles as props several times so it’s no surprise to find him using the BMW Motorrad Concept C scooter in his latest endeavor. The unique couture dresses by Hungarian fashion designer Kinga Horvath (based in Munich, Germany) are matched perfectly by the city backdrop and futuristic scooter.

Horvath’s first contact with the Concept C’s futuristic looks was enough to conjure up ideas of a sci-fi nature, which quickly translated into several unique designs. “I was instantly smitten with the idea of the ‘future,’ especially because you don’t often get the opportunity to work with this topic, so lots of ideas came to my mind when I thought about it. In the beginning I couldn’t imagine what a new BMW ‘scooter’ would look like, but when I first saw the first pictures, I instantly fell in love with the design and colours. The BMW’s silver, black and blue colour scheme was a perfect match for how I wanted to plan my ‘Conception C’ clothing.”

“The Concept C is a dream to photograph and you don’t often get the chance to take pictures of a scooter like this,” said Markus. “The fantastic city backdrop was specially generated for the presentation of BMW Motorrad’s Concept C study by the international advertising agency Serviceplan and gives an impression of a city of the future, much like the 1927 German science-fiction expressionist film Metropolis. Thanks to the Concept C, Kinga’s designs and the unique looks of model Erin, this vision of the future suggests that we have much to look forward to.”


Photography: Markus Hofmann
Model: Erin
Styling: Kinga Horvath
Hair & Make Up: John Elliott
Photo Assistant: Petra Höglmeier
Retouching/Composing: Viviane Bonnefond

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