Spy Shots: Water-Cooled Boxer GS

Spy Shots: Water-Cooled Boxer GS

It’s not surprising to see a couple of BMW GS motorcycles on the streets near Barcelona, Spain. But on this occasion, Gerard Llaurado became suspicious when he noticed that Touratech pyramid logo and, what looks like GS Adventure engine protectors at first glance, were really just camouflage stickers. He pulled out his cell phone and took these photos with its camera.

Photos by Gerard Llaurado, www.solomoto.es

It’s hard to see in these dark and grainy images, but our friends in Germany tell us it’s the next generation, water-cooled Boxer. We first brought you news of BMW working on a water-cooled Boxer back in our Spring 2010 BMW Motorcycle Magazine and it now appears BMW is ready to road test the engines.

Those stickers are covering compact radiators on both sides of the bike. We can also see the shaft drive is on the left instead of the right side as on current Boxers which points to a new integrated transmission and perhaps a multiplate wet clutch like that used on the current K-bikes. The exhaust can has likewise been moved to the right side.

Like the artist’s rendering from last Spring, the engine has its cylinders rotated 90 degrees compared to all previous BMW Boxers — the inlet is at the top and exhaust exits at the bottom. BMW has curved the exhaust manifold to the front before heading to the back of the bike so it looks similar to classic BMWs.

Expect the new engine to make around 125 hp and 90 ft-lbs of torque. The first BMW with a water-cooled Boxer engine should be launched in 2012 as either a 2012 or 2013 model.

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