BMW Motorrad Sales Continue Up in February

BMW Motorrad Sales Continue Up in February

After a dip in motorcycle sales in December, BMW has seen increases in January and now February sales. BMW reports global sales in February grew 22.5% to reach 6,720 motorcycles (compared with 5,485 sales in February 2010).  Year to date, the company sold 11,434 BMW motorcycles which is up 23%. The BMW Group’s second motorcycle brand, Husqvarna Motorcycles, also increased sales to 902 motorcycles (up 46.9%) in February. Year to date, sales grew 46.1% to 1,264 motorcycles compared with the first two months of last year. This is good news as Husqvarna sales were down for 2010 but new models were expected to spur growth in 2011.

On the automobile side, BMW Group sales increased 21.7% percent in February. A total of 111,720 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles were delivered to customers (prev. yr. 91,763) — setting a new record high for the month. For the year up through February, sales were 24.7% higher than in the first two months of the previous year — 216,911 units vs. 173,913.

This increase was seen in nearly all markets. In Europe, the company’s biggest region, sales grew 16.8% to 57,381 units. Asia accounted for 25,722 units and climbed 49.3% while sales in the Americas were up 14.7% to reach 24,640 vehicles in February. In important individual markets: sales climbed 20.8% to 18,883 vehicles in Germany, while the company sold 19,919 vehicles (+10.8%) in the U.S., and delivered a total of 16,511 vehicles (+72%) to customers in China. In emerging markets: sales increased 54.9% to 1,797 units in South Korea, 68.5% to 620 units in India and 101.3% to 938 vehicles in Brazil.

By brand, BMW vehicles saw a 21.9% increase globally, from 78,252 to 95,423 vehicles sold in February. For the year through February, sales were 25.8% higher at 186,279 units than for the same period last year, 148,113. MINI brand volumes also sustained their double-digit growth. Last month, 19.3% more MINI cars were delivered to customers worldwide than in February 2010 (13,444), with sales of 16,045 vehicles. 30,170 MINI cars were sold in the year through February. This represents an increase of 17.6% (prev. yr. 25,646) compared with the first two months of 2010. 252 Rolls-Royce brand automobiles were delivered in February (+276.1%). In the year through February, 462 Rolls-Royce motor cars were presented to customers around the world (+200%).

BMW Group sales in/up to February 2011 at a glance

In February  2011 Comp to previous year Up to/incl. February 2011 Comp to previous year
BMW Group Automobiles 111,720 +21.7% 216,911 +24.7%
BMW 95,423 +21.9% 186,279 +25.8%
MINI 16,045 +19.3% 30,170 +17.6%
Motor Cars
252 +276.1% 462 +200.0%
BMW Motorcycles 6,720 +22.5% 11,434 +23.0%
Husqvarna Motorcycles 902 +46.9% 1,264 +46.1%

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  1. Buying a BMW is always pleasurable.BMW bikes are best combination of styling and performance which makes it far more desirable than any other bike available in the market..BMW motorcycle sales were up on last year, now this year and i am sure it will continue to grow up its sales in future with more new models winning national awards……

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