Pfeiffer and Letti on Show at World Bobsled Championships

Pfeiffer and Letti on Show at World Bobsled Championships

Stunt star Chris Pfeiffer and enduro hardman Andreas ‘Letti’ Lettenbichler wowed crowds at the 2011 Bauhaus Bobsleigh World Championships. Around 10,000 spectators turned out for the championship, held in Königssee, Bavaria, which is home to a permanent refrigerated track. The BMW-sponsored event was a chance for Chris and Letti to show off their new Husqvarna motorcycles, and both machines performed perfectly, despite slushy, slippery conditions.

Chris Pfeiffer wows the crowds with tricks aboard his Husqvarna TE449.
Chris swapped his usual BMW F800R BMW for the big Husqvarna.

Letti went first and rode his Husqvarna WR300 on the asphalt performance area, pulling wheelies, jumps and more. The German said fans’ response was “unbelievable,” but admitted he missed rougher terrain. “Riding on the asphalt was difficult, but I managed some smaller tricks. I did some wheelies, stoppies, donuts, wheelie circles. I enjoyed it, but it’s not my usual job. I love the dirt, and I missed it!”

Bobsled enthusiasts got to watch Chris pull off some stunts on his Husqvarna TE449 the following day. He originally planned to ride the bob track with spiked tires but organizers decided not to let him go ahead with the ride. “I didn’t really do anything spectacular in the end,” says Chris. “Because I didn’t get permission to ride on the run I just did some tricks in the finish area of the course.” But while the professional may not have thought his tricks were spectacular, the crowd was still impressed — thousands cheered and waved flags as he pulled off wheelies, stoppies and jumps.

The bike tricks were one of the highlights of the championships, which attracted bobsleigh competitors and followers from all over the world. Husqvarna also took a demo truck and merchandise to the event, and showed off a specially-adapted snow bike, fitted with a ski. Germany triumphed in all but one bobsled event — Russia took the first prize in the Two Man Bob.

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