BMW Fashion Show at BMW Motorrad Zentrum

BMW Fashion Show at BMW Motorrad Zentrum

When the “New Season Start” promotion kicked off at BMW Motorrad Zentrum in Munich, those who attended were treated to a high-intensity fashion show thanks to choreographer Alexandra Martens and her hand-picked troupe of dance models — chosen as much for their good looks as well as their energetic moves.

The promotion showcased BMW Motorrad’s and Husqvarna’s fashions in an entertaining way. For Alexandra, who has been trained in classical ballet, dance opera, street, hip hop, and just about any other dance forms you can think of, this event was all about putting on the kind of performance that is alive with excitement.

“These day’s it’s not enough to just walk down the catwalk – I believe that fashion shows should have a high entertainment factor,” says Alexandra. “They have to be special, with a strong focus on showing the collections off in the best way. I like to combine the commercial modeling side of fashion with dancing and provide a complete package to clients. Premium brands such as BMW Motorrad like to have models, but it’s even better if you can offer models that are also great dancers!”

“Backstage, things were pretty hectic,” admits Alexandra. “When the guys were performing, we were quickly changing into the next girls’ outfits in order that we could show as many items as possible. And when we went on stage, the guys did the same thing. Of course, we were all together at the beginning and end – for the grand finale, making sure our positive energy came out in every performance that we did. I really enjoyed this day; the bikers that visited were great fun and very appreciative of our shows, and the fashion lines are of course very impressive.”

Taking the shots of Alexandra Martens and her dance models at the BMW Motorrad Zentrum dealership was photographer Petra Höglmeier, who also took the opportunity to make a special PR shoot with two of the dance models – Georga and Ryan – in the garage and the workshop. Wearing items from the BMW and Husqvarna 2011 collections, the dance models were able to use their athleticism to show the sporty clothes in the best way. Petra’s pictures help convey the youthful, dynamic qualities of these two clothing lines, especially because she was working with dancers, rather than fashion models.

“I love to work with dancers, because they’ve got such a good feeling for their body. They can offer you a lot of different moves and work and move together very well. We did the shoot in a garage – a very dark and exciting place – and in the workshop, surrounded by a lot of technical stuff such as lifting platforms. Because of this, we could do some extremely sporty shots, like the jumps from the lifting platform.”

Petra normally specializes in portrait work but she’s also fond of landscape and architecture photography. This kind of assignment particularly appealed to her because the shots would have a lot of movement, which looks very dynamic and powerful – a connection she wanted to make with BMW motorcycles. As for the clothing, she is also a big fan.

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