Concept C on Tour Parisian Style

Concept C on Tour Parisian Style

The bright lights of Paris were the latest destination for the Concept C design study, as the scooter-loving French public were given an impressive taste of what to expect when BMW Motorrad enters the urban mobility market in the near future.

Keen to get as much exposure, the team from BMW Motorrad France pulled out all the stops to stage a variety of presentations and exhibitions designed to capture the imagination of the Parisians, who know that a scooter is without a doubt the best way to get around their capital city.

The first stop on the Concept C tour in Paris was the world-famous VIP room nightclub, located on the Rue de Rivoli in the first arrondisement. Around 250 guests were invited to the exclusive members’ only club for a private presentation of the Concept C. Comprising motoring journalists, prospects, fans and owners representing the ‘maxi-scooter’ segment of the market, they were met at the famous nightclub by BMW Motorrad Director of Urban Mobility Ralph Reinert and BMW Motorrad France Director Marcel Driessen.

There were live performances from top French band SILVOUPLAY as well as an exhibition of ‘Urban Graphics Art’ performed by designer, graphic artist and painter Alexis ‘Kekli’ Huret, who has already collaborated with BMW Motorrad on several art-bike projects. Everyone had a chance to see the Concept C up close, ask questions and take as many pictures and films as they needed, many of which found their way onto the social network sites within minutes.

The second stop on the Concept C tour of Paris was the newly-opened BHV Homme menswear emporium, located in the trendy and fashionable ‘Marais’ district of the city center. There, the Concept C was displayed alongside the latest BMW Motorrad Lifestyle clothing collection, which was on sale to the public. Dedicated hostesses registered more than 150 VIP test ride requests for the future commercial launch of production scooters that will be unveiled at this autumn’s international motorcycle shows.

The third stop for the Concept C tour was the ‘Dock du BHV Homme’, where SILVOUPLAY put on a live concert and entertained the crowds, during which a 1,300 pound (600 kg) block of ice was delivered for an ice sculptor to start carving his special creation — an exact replica of the Concept C. While the word spread and the crowds gathered to film with their mobile phones and take pictures of this artist at work carving the ice, the final sculpture was realized several hours later.

Several days later, after having been kept in cold storage, the final “guerilla” street marketing operation was conducted, when the sculpture was placed at the front of one of the most visited tourist attractions in Paris, the Pompidou Centre, where its futuristic design attracted big crowds outside one of the most futuristic buildings in the capital.

Commenting on the Concept C’s whistle-stop tour of Paris, BMW Motorrad France’s Marcel Driessen couldn’t have been happier with the results achieved, “The reactions to the Concept C and the ice sculpture exceeded even our own high expectations, as it attracted phenomenal amounts of interest, from young to old, and from locals to tourists. Everybody seemed to want to take pictures. All in all, the three parts of the Parisian Concept C Tour were a great success in achieving our main goal of generating interest in this scooter and kick-starting the dialogue on all the social network sites. Now the French are well aware that BMW Motorrad is entering the urban mobility market and they will be looking forward to hearing more about what is coming our way in the near future.”

BMW Motorrad France uploaded a few videos of the event. Here you can see the creation of the Concept C ice sculpture:

Concept C BMW – Sculpture de glace by lyonfreestyle

And a short video in the Viper Room is below. A longer cut of the video is available at this link:

Concept C BMW Motorrad au VIP Room by lyonfreestyle


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