More R1200RT Police Bikes for Hawaii

More R1200RT Police Bikes for Hawaii

For 12 years, the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) has purchased BMW police motorcycles for its 36-member Solo Motorcycle Detail. By the end of June, 34 new BMW R1200RT-P police motorcycles will replace 34 older models in their fleet of 50 BMW police motorcycles. The 2011 model BMW motorcycles, purchased from the island’s only BMW motorcycle dealer, South Seas Cycle Exchange, will be ridden year-round by the Department’s specially trained motorcycle team. Officers will use the motorcycles to patrol the city and county of Honolulu; to perform escort duty for parades and visiting dignitaries; and to participate in community events.

HPD Solo Motorcycle Detail members with BMW R1200RT Police motorcycle. Photos by Kai Markell

“We are delighted to continue our relationship with the HPD by providing a fleet of authority motorcycles that have the highest level of standard equipment, the best fuel economy, an outstanding warranty and dynamic balanced performance – all of which result in overall lower operating costs, safety and reliability,” commented Steve Spiegel, owner of the island’s BMW Motorrad dealership, South Seas Cycle Exchange.

“A very high level of mission-specific standard equipment and features are built into every BMW police motorcycle, making them the best long-term value for police agencies,” added Frank Stevens, Authority Program Manager, BMW Motorrad USA.  “BMW police motorcycles come fully equipped with lights, siren, high-performance electrical system, cooling system, radio preparation, as well as other special equipment requested. This saves the agency time and money otherwise required to separately purchase and install equipment or remove/trade that equipment with existing models.”

The R1200RT-P (‘P’ for police) is based on the BMW R1200RT production model but is equipped with features specifically for official use. These include optimized suspension and tires specifically for police service; electrically-adjustable windshield, adjustable seat height, adjustable brake, clutch and shift levers to allow a perfect rider fit regardless of the officer’s size; locking integrated radio box with wiring ports and ground plane; integrated fairing-mounted speakers for radio & radar, pre-wired below radio box; accurate digital police speedometer with pace-lock display and VSS signal for moving radar; BMW/Code 3 three-tone siren system (wail/yelp/hyper-yelp), air horn, public address, radio rebroadcast and InterClear™ linkage to Emergency LED Light System; LED Cruise lights and Alley lights.

Internationally, BMW is the largest seller of motorcycles for authority use. More than 80,000 BMW police motorcycles are currently in official use in over 150 countries on five continents.

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