Mauno Hermunen Rides New NUDA 900 R

Mauno Hermunen Rides New NUDA 900 R

Factory Supermoto rider Mauno Hermunen is one of the few people in the world to have tried out Husqvarna’s new NUDA 900 R. The 23-year-old Finn rode the motorcycle in France and, apart from official testers, he is the only rider to have been given the opportunity to put it through its paces. Mauno’s verdict is simple, “it’s just a really cool bike.”

This bike combines the Husqvarna brand’s fun-loving soul and style with the cutting-edge technology from BMW. The two motorcycle makers collaborated over every element of the NUDA and, according to Mauno, the proof is in the riding.

“First of all, it handles brilliantly,” he said. “It’s just so light, the engine is great, and the performance is amazing. If there are fast corners it just takes them – the bike goes wherever I want to take it.”

He says one of the things he finds most exciting about the motorcycle is its fun. “It’s important that a bike is fun. I could easily pull wheelies and stoppies on the NUDA 900R, it really was great from that aspect. But of course, it depends on the rider – some people choose to ride in a different way and it’s equally good for regular riding. It is made for people who want to have fun though!”

The NUDA’s 900cc engine has an output of more than 100 bhp and 75 ft-lb (100 Nm) of torque, yet its dry weight is less than 385 lbs. (175kg), ensuring a perfect power-to-weight ratio. Premium components have been used throughout its construction – it has fully-adjustable Őhlins suspension at the rear, and fully-adjustable Sachs forks at the front, as well as Monoblock radially-mounted four-piston Brembo brakes at the front and an exhaust system equipped with carbon parts.

The NUDA’s core is a modified version of the BMW F800R’s parallel 800cc two-cylinder engine. The engine was upped to a 900cc capacity and many internal components were modified to improve power, performance, and torque curve.

For Mauno, who currently rides a Husqvarna SMR449 and is just two points from the top in the Supermoto World Championship standings, the motorcycle’s design is a personal highlight. “For me, one of the main things is the style,” he says. “The design is so typically Italian, it’s a really great-looking bike – there is nothing else which looks like it. It’s just so sharp, it looks really dynamic and in my eyes, it just couldn’t look better.”

The championship contender has been racing since he was a child, first in motocross, graduating to supermoto after an impressive 15-year career. He is hungry to be World Champion and with three races left this season and just that tiny gap between himself and the leader, the title is within reach.

Mauno, who spends hours every week training on his SMR449, says the street bike is the perfect balance between performance, technology and style – the three key elements which went into its creation. “Having been lucky enough to be one of the first to ride the bike, I know how nice its power delivery is. It’s so smooth – but with a frame and engine from BMW and the brand’s trademark technology behind it, that’s hardly surprising. It doesn’t just look good, sound good, and feel good, it’s a reliable motorcycle too. And on top of that, it has the great Italian design. It’s really the perfect combination of the performance, technology and style.”

“If I had to sum up the new NUDA 900 R in just three words, I’d say performance, fun and style. It’s just a really cool bike.”

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