BMW Motorcycle Magazine Launches iPad App!

BMW Motorcycle Magazine Launches iPad App!

The BMW Motorcycle Magazine is now available on Apple’s iPad! Hot off the cyber-presses, the popular enthusiasts’ magazine has released an app giving readers a completely new magazine experience.

This unique app for the iPad, created exclusively for BMW Motorcycle Magazine, includes all the content of the print magazine but goes beyond by adding interactive features, multimedia elements and exclusive content. The pages scroll fluidly from article to article both in portrait or two-page landscape mode. With the tap of a finger you can zoom in to see the tiniest detail, listen to the revving of a BMW motorcycle engine or watch the videos featured in many articles. Search the content for your favorite model, explore the photo galleries or hear an interview with someone of interest. Share an entertaining page by sending it to friends by email, Facebook or Twitter. Jump instantly to a highlighted website link and then back to the article. The app allows the reader to engage with each article as much or little as wanted.

According to editor Sandy Cohen, “The iPad’s quality, speed, vivid colors and incredible resolution make it the perfect vehicle for BMW Motorcycle Magazine. We’re proud of the way it enhances our work and allows readers to engage with the content and fellow riders. Plus the iPad is portable, keeping our information accessible wherever you travel or just out to the garage.”

Another advantage to the digital magazine is that it is available the day print magazines are mailed; no waiting for the postman! Foreign subscribers will also appreciate not having to pay a shipping surcharge for their issues. Back issues are for sale through the app as well.

The new BMW Motorcycle Magazine app is a free download from the App Store and there’s a free sampler magazine edition available demonstrating some of the interactive and multimedia elements. Regular quarterly issues are on the App Store “shelves” now for $4.99 each (a discount compared to our printed newsstand price) with subscriptions available for just $15.99 for the year.

If you have any questions, please check out our Digital Edition FAQ page. Otherwise, head over to the App Store now!

5 Responses to BMW Motorcycle Magazine Launches iPad App!

  1. Dear Sandy:
    Happy to see a digital edition available BUT I don’t have an iPad; I use Apple MAC at home and a Apple laptop computer when on the run. Will there be an App for my MACS soon?
    I am really enjoying the magazine thats why I re-upped for two years. Thanks for the hard work and dedication. I would like to see more Husqvarna dirt bike/enduro features. I ride a BMW 1200GT on the road but race a TE450 Husky in the woods. It would be great to see Husky features especially because of the BMW/ Husqvarna marriage and the recent success of the Enduro racers. Thanks, John Verity

  2. Thank you John! I’m glad you’re enjoying the magazine. Currently, our digital edition is only available for the iPad, although this may change. We’re looking at ways to bring our magazine to variety of other devices in the future. I agree that Husky deserves a lot of credit for its recent enduro success as well as new models using F800 engine. Great combination! We have several bikes from Husqvarna featured in our upcoming Winter 2011 issue and will continue to cover the exciting events as they happen on our website.
    —Sandy Cohen, editor

  3. +1 on the Android. It’s frustrating having so many print publications embracing the “i-mania” and completely forgetting that there is another quality tablet platform out there that a great many people use. There are even e-magazine providers out there that make publications available on ANY platform, and while it probably has less “dynamic” content, at least we could read it on whatever device we wish.

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