Husqvarna Nuda 900 and 900R Introduced

Husqvarna Nuda 900 and 900R Introduced

Husqvarna has announced new models for 2012 including the Nuda 900. Their first street bike features traditional Husqvarna styling and an engine based on the BMW F800 parallel twin series. Husqvarna’s press release follows:

Husqvarna Nuda 900 (left) and 900R.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 & Nuda 900R

Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to unveil the first of a new generation of motorcycles: Nuda 900 and Nuda 900R. These exhilarating new models are the first to combine the history and race pedigree of Husqvarna with the technological innovations and engineering prowess of the BMW Group, and the flair of Italian styling. The results speak for themselves – the Nuda 900 and Nuda 900R – two motorcycles built with soul and passion that is backed up by high performance developed through years of competition experience. The first page in the story of the new Husqvarnas has been turned…

Nuda 900 and Nuda 900R – a taste of things to come

Developed as a crossover model between a supermoto and a naked bike, Husqvarna doesn’t feel the Nuda can be shoehorned into any specific category. It delivers a sporty, dynamic ride where agility is balanced perfectly with performance in a bike with a bold and fresh look. Is it a supermoto? Is it a naked bike? The Nuda is whatever you want it to be, but above all it’s a Husqvarna.


With the factory situated to the north-west of Milan, Husqvarna’s team of designers draw inspiration from the passion and flair that encapsulates this area of Italy. Inside the ‘Centro Stile’ a specially selected group of talented young designers work tirelessly to create the look that is unique to every Husqvarna, whether it be an on or off-road model.

Despite being minimalist in its design, every panel on the Nuda helps define its athletic body, giving it a sense of dynamic tension that flows the length of the bike and finishes on the tapered tail that mimics the aerodynamics of a sports bike. The exposed trellis frame, high level exhaust and red rocker cover hint at the performance that lies behind the curvy body, while the bike’s unique headlight – its face on the road – glowers intent. Sporty yet elegant, sleek yet purposeful, the Nuda is bold Italian styling at its very finest.

The Nuda 900R proudly displays the company’s distinctive red and white competition colors, made famous through race success, while the Nuda 900 has a more subtle black paint scheme.


Husqvarna understands that the heart and soul of a motorcycle comes from its engine and so choosing the right motor formed a crucial part of the Nuda project. A joint decision was made with BMW’s engine development team in Munich to use the highly reliable and technologically advanced F800R motor as a basis for both the Nuda 900 and Nuda 900R – however it would then be adapted to meet Husqvarna’s specific needs and demands.

Designed to reflect Husqvarna’s sporting pedigree, this new configuration not only delivers a more aggressive racing feel and sound at maximum performance, it also vastly improves the power and torque characteristics of the engine, not to forget the higher capacity of 900cc  Husqvarna has increased the power and torque (>100hp and 100Nm)  while managing to retain the linear, fluid nature of the power delivery at small throttle openings and low revs.

Finally, to add the Husqvarna stamp to the engine, the rocker box cover is painted red – a feature common to all Husqvarna motorcycles.


With its vast racing experience, Husqvarna knows which components to turn to for the ultimate performance and how to extract the maximum from a chassis. To further increase prestige of the Nuda 900R, Husqvarna has equipped its chassis with the very highest specification of components. The 48mm Sachs forks are fully adjustable and the Öhlins shock comes with compression, rebound and spring preload adjustment as well as a ride height adjustor. The Nuda 900R’s suspension is designed to raise the bike’s centre of gravity compared to the Nuda 900, increasing ground clearance and improving the handling to deliver a thrilling and responsive ride.

To create a motorcycle more suited to urban life or touring, the Nuda 900 comes with 48mm Sachs forks and a fully adjustable Sachs monoshock. The suspension is set-up to deliver a smoother ride and make the bike more relaxed and user-friendly while the seat has a double level to provide greater comfort also for the pillion

Husqvarna has made the ergonomics and handling a priority on both models of Nuda and as a result the bike’s fuel tank is located under the seat to allow the weight distribution to be as close to the centre of gravity as possible. This work has created a bike that is both stable at high speed and agile at low speed that delivers a safe and comforting ride whatever the conditions.

This, along with the relaxed and natural riding position, is certain to be appreciated and exploited in full by both beginner and expert riders alike.

While both models have radial brake calipers, in order to further enhance its sporty appeal, the Nuda 900R comes with Brembo monobloc racing brakes with 320mm discs. Constructed out of a single piece of aluminium for maximum feel and power with minimal flex, these twin four-piston radial calipers give the Nuda 900R superior braking power on both the road and track. The Nuda 900 also features Brembo four-piston radial calipers and 320mm discs with sintered pads, delivering powerful, accurate and smooth braking feel whatever the conditions. Both models use the same 240mm disc and Brembo two piston caliper rear brake.

Weight is crucial in making a motorcycle agile and Husqvarna has managed to keep the mass of the Nuda 900 to less than 175kg [385 lb.] (dry weight), thanks to clever engineering solutions and compact design.. Both models of Nuda come with a stainless steel exhaust muffler, however the 900R has a carbon fibre clamp, end cap and heat shield.


Should owners of the Nuda 900 or Nuda 900R wish to take full advantage of the motorcycle’s all-round ability, or simply want to personalize their machine, Husqvarna has developed a full range of accessories. For example those wishing to take their Nuda touring, either solo or with a pillion, either for a relaxed day loop in your home turf or multiple days with your friends, can perfectly enhance the experience with a high windshield kit and in their size easily adjustable sidebags.

Nuda 900 and Nuda 900R – thrilling riding experience.

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