BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Winter 2011, Available Now!

BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Winter 2011, Available Now!

The latest issue of BMW Motorcycle Magazine is now available, featuring the world of BMWs as seen through the riders who prize them, including a special GS section, and the annual Gear Guide.

We all may know him best as the Piano Man, but ask Billy Joel about his collection of 60-plus motorcycles and it’s obvious his passions go beyond music. A true motorcycle aficionado, he shows off his favorite BMWs (all ready to ride with none newer than the ‘70s) and shares some witty motorcycle stories in this exclusive interview.

Then meet a German whose appreciation for the lightweight F650CS single led him to a costly but spectacular mod project that he gave to himself as a 50th birthday present. An award-winning custom bike builder from Sweden went in another direction by turbocharging an HP2 Sport boxer he calls the “Slugger.” And then check out the customized S1000RR from the USA with a contemporary candy paint job that updates the classic Daytona color scheme.

The popular GS model has led to so many unique custom builds it has its own section including two Enduros pieced together from the parts bin, a true show bike created from a well-worn R80 Basic, a 4-valve Ultralight and even a forced induction project bike now named the GSK (for “Kompressor”).

The annual Gear Guide equips riders with the lowdown on the best gear and gadgets in today’s market to make your BMW riding even more enjoyable. From windshields to skid plates, LED lamps to hi-viz apparel, there’s always a reason to shop before or after the holidays. And being armed with the advice from this issue’s Tools for the Road, you’ll know just what you need to be prepared.

For a chuckle only motorcycle riders could appreciate, there’s Fred Rau’s column on FBI (Fat Bikers, Inc.). David Hough’s column gives expert advice on the different skills required for roads versus racetracks. Sandy Cohen compares BMW to Apple and pays homage to BMW rider Steve Jobs. And an interview with Liane Drews from BMW reveals the future of the HP models.

Of course, the magazine wouldn’t be complete without all the latest news, launches, races and events that make BMW the world leader it is, covered as well. The new G650GS Sertão is introduced, as well as Husqvarna’s first street bikes: the Nuda 900 and 900R. Upcoming model changes throughout the BMW 2012 lineup are described, including the hot new Triple Blacks. The future is electric with the Concept e and Husqvarna’s Concept E-Go, and innovations like laser headlights and changing tire pressure on the fly are detailed here as well.

BMW Motorcycle Magazine can be ordered as a subscription or single issue from our online shop for delivery to your door or digitally to your iPad. Copies are also available through bookstores, newsstands and select dealerships.

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