Wild Custom S1000RR For Sale

Wild Custom S1000RR For Sale

Brian Ogle, a successful Florida solar contractor, is putting up for sale this unique 2010 S1000RR. He says he’s invested $90,000 in bringing it to life. “I really want this bike to go to someone special,” says Brian. “The asking price is half of what it cost to build one to this extent – $45,000 or best offer. Anyone can contact me directly for more information or to make an offer. I can have the RR shipped or will deliver it myself. The bike only has 400 miles and also comes with full warranty!”

Some may remember this street legal, radical custom when it was featured in the BMW Riders Association magazine, On The Level (OTL). The customization was carried out by Myrtle West Cycle shop in Longs, South Carolina, where after extensive research and development, John Rhem was able to able to painstakingly create a precision swing-arm that houses a massive fat tire – almost certainly the first 360 profile wide rear-wheeled RR in existence. The tire is mounted on a set of “Crazy Larry” style swing arms, where the keen-eyed will also notice a chrome bottle mounted to the arm. This doesn’t contain nitrous oxide but is for the ‘instant-up’ air suspension. This BMW is not necessarily a drag bike; Brian says it’s an all-round, rideable, custom RR.

Jimmy Jackson of Myrtle West is the painter and a close look at the bodywork reveals some amazing details and optical illusions. Viewing this bike you can quickly be deceived by the paint scheme on the engine casings, which actually depicts gears and three-dimensional exposed engine parts.

If you would like to find out more about this unique custom RR, then please email owner Brian Ogle at brianog77@gmail.com for more details and pictures. Photos and information courtesy of Lee Wallace.

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