BMW Maxi-Scooters Delayed

BMW Maxi-Scooters Delayed

It’s been a rush from conception to production for the new BMW maxi-scooters. Signaling their intent to expand into the “urban mobility” segment, BMW unveiled the Concept C scooter at the EICMA fair in Milan, Italy in November 2010. Just over a year later, the design was complete, an entirely new factory assembly line was created and the first production C600 Sport and C650GT scooters rolled off that assembly line on December 1, 2011 to great fanfare.

Andreas Muller, leader of the maxi-scooter project at the BMW factory in Berlin, said at the time, “We had about one year less time than all the other recent projects and the stakes were high. We developed a new engine for a new market segment with new customers, engaged new partners and developed an entirely new production phase for the factory.”

We’re now told from sources within BMW, delivery of the C600 Sport and C650GT to dealers will be delayed four weeks because of a “supplier problem.” The first scooters are now expected to be available starting in Europe in mid-April. Scooters should arrive in the United States this fall or early winter.

The exact nature of the supplier problem is unknown but issues with suppliers for a brand-new product are not uncommon and, given how quickly these scooters were created, issues here are perhaps not unexpected. It’s certainly better to identify and correct any issues before the product gets into customers hands even if it means a delay. We’ll continue to look into this supplier problem and bring you more information soon.

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  1. The future looks rather bleak : in Europe (where I live) the scooters WON’t be released mid April either . At the end of April the dealers will probably be informed about when they can be delivered. All scheduled scooter introduction weekends with test rides have been cancelled… BMW refuse to give any comment, not even to their dealers..

  2. I’m just back from my dealer here in the Netherlands. They were supposed to launch the scooters today, but the launch has been delayed here as well.
    According to my dealer the reason for this is twofold:
    1) The quality of the material of the front fairing was not up to BMW standards
    2) The O-rings used in the drive train melt (!) due to very high oil temperatures in the oilbath used in the drive train
    The second reason beeing the most serious ofcourse…
    I hope BMW gets this sorted, as I’m really looking forward to these scooters

  3. Ha Ha. Also back from my Dealer in the Netherlands, same story. I’m a Burgman 650 owner for 7 years now, so am VERY curious to see if BMW can Match the Big Suzuki. The Burgman is NOT pretty, but she’s as efficient as any German Typewriter. No wind, No wet, No problem, Great Brakes, (ABS), electric folding in mirrors (perfect), luggage space to match a Boeing, heated everything, clear visibility, easy to use, great for scratching around town or on the motorway all day. BMW, you’ve got something to beat for a € to € price. Pity I have to wait……, but OK< get it right first. You'll be hearing lots more from me!… BTW, Honda Integra 700, automatic. Go try it.., amazing technology that works.
    Mark, Amsterdam.

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