Best First Quarter of All Time for BMW Motorrad

Best First Quarter of All Time for BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad recorded the highest sales ever for the start of a year. For the first three months of 2012, sales increased to 24,373 motorcycles (23,109 last year) which is a 5.5% rise over the first quarter of 2011. In March alone, BMW Motorrad delivered 12,295 motorcycles (11,675 last year) to customers worldwide, a 5.3% gain over March 2011.

“BMW Motorrad got off to an excellent start to the 2012 motorcycle season,” said Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad. “This positive development is attributable to our attractive model range and the good market development above all in Brazil, the USA and Australia, these being countries in which, for climatic reasons, the motorcycle season starts significantly earlier than in Europe. In contrast, due to economical insecurities, markets in Southern Europe are in a difficult position. Nevertheless, if the framework conditions do not worsen, we will aspire to again exceed the record sales figures of 2011 for the whole year.”

After seeing deep declines over the last couple of years, Husqvarna Motorcycles, the BMW Group’s second motorcycle brand, recorded an increase in sales for the third month in succession. As of March, Husqvarna had sold 2,642 motorcycles (1,940 last year), an increase of 702 units or 36.2%. In March the figure was 1,182 units (676 last year), a 74.9 % increase compared to the previous year.

Sales for the BMW Group’s automobiles also reached an all-time high in March. The company sold a total of 185,728 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles in the past month, not only significantly exceeding the figure for March of last year (165,846 units / +12%) but also the previous sales high of 165,855 vehicles recorded in June 2011. The company also achieved a new high for the first three months: Retail volumes increased by more than 40,000 vehicles to 425,528 units (prev. yr. 382,763 units), which represents a growth of 11.2% compared with the first quarter of 2011.

With sales of 153,004 vehicles (prev. yr.: 134,895 / +13.4%), more BMW brand vehicles were sold in a single month than ever before. Sales through March reached a record 356,548 vehicles (prev. yr. 321,180), an increase of 11.0% over the first three months of last year.

A total of 32,421 MINI brand vehicles were delivered worldwide to customers in March (prev. yr. 30,690 / +5.6%) and 68,210 (prev. yr. 60,860) vehicles were sold in the first quarter of 2012. This represents a sales increase of 12.1% compared with the first three months of last year and a new record in first quarter sales for the brand.

Rolls-Royce continued its success with a record first quarter in sales. For the year to the end of March, the number of Rolls-Royce motor cars delivered climbed 6.5% to 770 (prev. yr. 723) vehicles.

The BMW Group increased retail volumes in its three largest single markets of Germany, the U.S. and China, among others. In Germany, the company reported a +11.6% increase (30,981 / prev. yr. 27,755) for BMW Group vehicle registrations in March. A total of 66,222 vehicles have been registered year-to-date in Germany, an increase of +2.0% over the first quarter in 2011 (prev. yr. 64,923). Record first quarters in both the U.S. and China contributed to the BMW Group’s outstanding first quarter sales results. In the U.S., sales climbed +13% in March to 29,806 vehicles (prev. yr. 26,382). Year to date, 75,729 vehicles have been delivered in the U.S., an increase of +16.6% over the previous year (64,957). BMW Group sales in China remained high in the month under review – 30,593 (prev. yr. 21,687 /+41.1%) vehicles were delivered. From January to the end of March a total of 80,014 vehicles were delivered, an increase of 36.8% compared with the same period last year (prev. yr. 58,506).

BMW Group sales in/up to March 2012 at a glance

In March 2012 Comp to previous year Up to/incl. March 2012 Comp to previous year
BMW Group Automobiles 185,728 +12.0% 425,528 +11.2%
BMW 153,004 +13.4% 356,548 +11.0%
MINI 32,421 +5.6% 68,210 +12.1%
Rolls-Royce * * 770 +6.5%
BMW Motorcycles 12,295 +5.3% 24,373 +5.5%
Husqvarna Motorcycles 1,182 +74.9% 2,642 +36.2%

* Note: BMW releases Rolls-Royce sales figures on a quarterly basis.

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